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Raptors & # 39; big bundles load on red comedy


TORONTO – Life is what you do, and evidence was made at the Toronto Raptors on the floor at the Indiana Pacers Wednesday night at the Scotiabank Arena.

Afterwards, at the Eastern Conference, the best team and the team could be the best, Pacers arrived seven straight straight ahead of winning the bite.

But it was a little closer to finding out more about how NBA options happen.

With three major key pieces, Raptors made open audiences essentially: who was Kyle Lowry (thigh), Serge Ibaka (knee) and Jonas Valanciunas (thumb), who are 81 very productive?

He hoped to step on a new person and make a statement. Instead, Raptors got a quarter of a mile ahead of Kawhi Leonard, Pascal Siakam's tallest energy recorder Fred VanVleet (triple points) to get Fred VanVleet in three points. ), and it was very difficult to win when he was 13 years old.

VanVleet's big triple eventually led Raptors to 26 seconds and Raptors stopped missing three seconds, without a profit of 99-96. When Pacers beat Bojan Bogdanovic's three-point break, he did not do anything but the referees did not agree and the score stopped.

There was nothing pretty much about winning, but Raptors avoided three directly in the second season this season and helped improve their record in the NBA 24-9, even though the injuries were mounted and the schedule had been helped by the playoff-loaded teams. The ups and downs of Pacers fell to 20-12.

Raptors did not even need help without any questions.

So at this time, at Raptors, which is an ideal idea, it's a slicing of the sky as it is a rotating group of 13 inches deep in the team players.

It's an opportunity for anyone to ask, is not it? The problem did not take much of a step, and in the fourth quarter he needed fireworks at the end of the comedy and Raptors role-playing games, because Leonard did not score 28 points, 10 rebounds, and six had nine points in the last frame. VanVleet added nine nine in the fourth, all three-ball.


VanVleet continued to die three-thirds. (Frank Gunn / CP)

Relocated payments elsewhere. Norman Powell has extended 18 months. After signing a contract for extending the $ 40 million contract, Powell quickly found himself injured after a recent spin. As the Raptors bench mafia became a league debate, Powell could be watch over most nights. He had another chance this season and was a tough two-player player, but he had the best striker, but he suffered a sudden injury in early November and lost the next 21 games.

Raptors's coach Nick Nurse said he did not expect too much for his fourth year-old guard to come calmly into injuries, despite the first quarter of the first Raptor bench. His plan?

"Just come out and play energy, play it in the game plan and play my game," said Powell. "I have to be aggressive and play and rule my places and play the game, and most importantly, just bring the energy to the team."

His return was not quite bored by anyone planned in the way. It was a first billing, when he made a fake mission in the defense, Pacers sent him to the locker when Damon Sabonis turned a hard screen. Powell was effective – after such a long layoff of such an outlook.

But Raptors's highest chance is now in the center. Valanciunas will probably be until February, until all the stars of the center are thrown, after the surgery in the dislocated muscle. Ibaka, against Pacers, after losing his knee to Raptors Denver on Sunday. It's not the same time for the first time, and you expect to be careful in just a few minutes. Valanciunas's injury has changed immediately for season 17 season Greg Monroe's veteran season and less than eight minutes after nine.

At the first start of the season, the 10-year veteran expressed his loyalty as the leader in his career. Raptors was the best player in the morning, 10 points from 10 points in the first quarter, with his standard, craftykin and close to basketball.

But Monroe signed for that purpose: the quantity is known.

NBA faults in the league, including 40 Raptors games. Also, get the NHL, MLB, Premier League, CHL and more.

The question is that Raptors's thin rail Chris Boucher, the 26-year-old Montreal, lost his G-League. It has 200 square meters in its six foot-10 frames – Siakam wants to give you impetus, you know that you are at the extremity of the NBA's body, but promise to give it its energy and excitement.

But Boucher has developed the ability to run with the Golden State Warriors (where it was last year) and now with Raptors, throwing blocks and signing sixty signals.

But it takes a few minutes for Raptors and any other organization to observe their skills.

Commitment: Nurses first saw the coaches that sent the former G-League team coach and send them as NBA coaches.

"We always say to these girls, if you continue with the NBA, you would not get a score, if you usually have a role," said Nurse. "I hope I can bring some energy. I hope to fly up and down the court. I hope that they hope they can block one or two shots. I hope the recovery in their area or supposedly, and that's why it's like that. If he gains one, I'm sure he will not be afraid and will not be frightened, he will probably play five, we'll all take it. But I think it's going to go and serve. "

The nurse was right: Boucher was not afraid. He made three races in the third place in the middle. He put it on the floor and scored it. The painting was pogo stick, with a blocked plane shot and stole it in eight minutes.

But there were also ups and downs to Sabonis, with 12 points and 10 rebounds, against Boucher. Pacers attacked the Roll out and often did not get it, and Boucher and his teammates questioned why the cover was covered.

Raptors attended the end of the first quarter and in eight episodes, joining forces with defensive efforts made by Leonard and VanVleet.

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But at that time the third quarter was at that moment in the collections of Indiana opportunists. The Pacers NBA team could be at least glamorous. They had to be reborn after they had occupied all the stars of Paul George after a couple of summer years. Among Victor Oladipo and Sabonis, Oliver and Sabonis won the elite roles. LeBron James and Cleveland Cavaliers won almost eight games in the first round in the last season. Pacers' fight and Raptors won Cleveland over the next season to lubricate the Toronto-style remake wheels.

Oladipo (20 points) showed why he won the team that joined the lottery, pushing the seed of the East Ridge home, accelerating the Raptors defense, speeding up speed, and making it easier for Sabonis. to paint The threat of insurrection opened by red-and-white Bogdanovic (18 points).

"I think there were a lot of things in the field of athletes, speed, strength and incredible skills," said Olcapo's OKC replacement, the engine that pushes Pacers out. "… But in the right place, at the right moment, there is a lot of issues in this league, and only the right team and system and staff needed, and the chance is really what comes down to a lot of guys. This is definitely for me.

The Nurse and the Raptors do not need anybody to make breaks like Oladipo while trying to make their way through a storm they attack. Because the options are short of NBA gold and rotation, external players will have plenty of options to listen to.

He was fortunate enough against Pacers to take on more horses.

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