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Raptors & # 39; Green in Anthony Davis's commercial discussion: & # 39; No one feels safe & # 39;

No one is going to panic things by "according to the plan."

Toronto Raptors has done a good thing. A great pair of couples who already played like other couples, who passed the test of time to the main coach and won more than five years before winning the franchise.

President Masai Ujiri was not enough. He wanted a great deal, he wanted a championship, and therefore negotiated all the DeMar DeRozan stars, a French synonym for Kawhi Leonard, a star of San Antonio Spurs. I'm "Toronto I can" negotiate, anyone can do it.

So now, the rumors of Anthony Davis's trade completely bend New Orleans Pelicans and oddsmakers bringing the commercial Raptors request far in a mix To get it out, summer shopping Danny Green indicated in his last podcast episodes, Inside the Green Roomhas had a great influence on the new team of its members.

"It's different in having a room in another locker room, discussing that kind of thing, feeling a bit confused or uncomfortable or not so safe. [In] San Antonio, we did not do many moves or shake things. Most guys felt pretty safe when things did not happen or any major changes.

"But here, you know, I feel DeMar's whole situation, guys, nobody feels safe, we are practicing now, things are doing well, but we do not know what will happen during the trading period. It's clear that this is about heartfelt, [make] It's a joke about that, but by the end of the day, guys know that for a business, they know that most of the groups do not have to spend such a boy and, often, it can be a piece. [could] move around At the end of the day, in February, you can stay in a whole new city with the whole group. "

It is a reality in the NBA, but it is likely that some of the players who have a franchise with a constant and chemically responsible franchise continue. But Ujiri and her other representatives of the offices have shown that emotions behind a trade may be a mess, and Larry O & # 39; Brian's trophy remains a priority for Toronto and will not achieve anything for that purpose.

The Ringer's Kevin O & # 39; Connor reported on January 29 that Raptors hopes to make an offer with Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks and Milwaukee Bucks. Add to that, ESPN Adrian Wojnarowski reported Thursday that Pelicans GM Dell Demps Lakers prevented GM Rob Pelinka from calling, and Raptors moved a bit further on the line, possibly an agreement will occur before the Otsa 7 trading period. Remember, the Boston Celtics trading period is outside of the picture of Kyrie Irving's "Rose Rule" # 39; as a result of the contract.

But pelicans are not in a hurry to make the deal and represent the best summer summer, Toronto is suddenly placed at the forefront of supermarket commerce. years old

The players who feel warm in this traditional speech definitely did not consider the plan.

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