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Raptors fans, Vince Carter, nostalgia pleasingly translates veterans


TORONTO – One of these days will be the last time. Vince Carter will arrive at Toronto where everyone will find out that his career is incredible, more epic than in the end.

But it's not ready to be Father's Day, not yet. Tuesday night will not take place on January 12-28 at Atlanta Hawks while play is the only opportunity to win a great deal this May.

41 years old in its 21st century – "Middle Man, half-century" Twitter has been a fan of Twitter, but there's no end to accept it.

He has achieved goals. "A championship, of course," said before losing his lottery-bound Hawks before losing 104-101 the team had broken into the NBA – literally – a century ago.

If he wants to do Atlanta, Carter must plan ahead until he is 50 years old. One day, Hawks will not lose 27 earnings. One day they will not be two in the last minute, to score one point. That day is still not here, not 31-12 against the Raptors. "It's a shame," he said after the game. "We worked so hard on the road, we will learn to win that victory."

In the meantime, maybe something more accessible: Carter set a record for the longest NBA server? Can it tighten over a year? Maybe more

"I know now that they have tied up with some girls [Robert Parish and Kevin Garnett also played 21 seasons] and I did not know something, a few years before, "he said." I did not think it. I mean, though, I did not think about thinking long. "

There is still something here, maybe maybe the message. Finally, he played in two races.

For 11 seasons, after the fifth fifth in 1998 he was selected as soon as Raptor began, Carter was the strongest. During the 2000-01 season Raptors, the third, scored a 27.6 point game, with the highest score in the franchise history.

The same division between Toronto and New Jersey over the course of 11 years, Carter average 23.5 points, 5.5 rebounds and 4.3 support. It was the anniversary, 10 times all stars, twice won the NBA honors, made 50 matches and electrified a country.

Pretty good

But it has been the best race in the last 10 years, a senior leader and recently a mentor for youth teams in Sacramento, and now in Atlanta, who earn less than they need to get everything they need.

There is no ring

"Here you can play and here you have been given great things and I help you to develop and grow as an organization, not a coach," said Carter, while Hawks coach Lloyd Pierce is entering the rookie Trae Young and John Collins Re-build the highly-theorized construction projects of Hawks. "One thing is to sit and talk with the boys and go through the situation and it's another thing to go to court and show them."

You are long enough and you can not create it again. Forward this season, 26 NBA players only accumulated 25,000 points. He should enter another season and 20 victories. The following list was given to the players in the Oslo Hall and the 2000 Olympic Gold Olympic Games and the intangible and yet realistic effect of breaking Canadian basketball is not difficult to go to Springfield. if he had ever been excluded.

As a bonus, it has long been in the category of the old men, some athletics would arrive, if lucky, to make mistakes and forgive wrongs.

The Tide went to Carter in Toronto a few years ago, the Club played a moving video and Carter moved tears to take the crowd to the past. On Tuesday night, Carter midway through the first part went into an ovation, even without a stray boo. "I hope to reach every year, every year, that will never change, I was booed or not. I enjoy playing this hobby and the cake is ice cream when it is appreciated by fans."

When he moved forward, when he reached three points, he made a transition three minutes earlier and the first row was a seat because his young teammates struggled for a long time, although Carter finally entered the property – half that came from the three corners.

But what does all this mean? What will it end next? Among the 15 other men who played the NBA season of fifteen, Jamal Crawford is the only one that has not won.

By the way, Carter was always a person and a player. As superstar, he never thought of what he wanted to think about. There was not someone like Michael Jordan who was eviscerated or like Kobe Bryant. If one of these is the key to sharing 11 of them, Carter would never have paid that price.

It's no excuse to say that the guy is very nice, because he is one of the biggest NBA teammates, because none of them were.

It was a great team that was very good in the morning, but still in the morning of a seventh game that was planning to go to her graduation ceremony, when the playoff series was premiered – the first one, the second, and the third one, the one that made the most of your taste, was elsewhere.

Over the last few years, his point of view has been to emphasize the point. After setting a valuable reserve for Dallas and Memphis teams, when the rocket was signed in 2017-18, Kings had won 27 games, Carter won $ 8 million. This year it has dropped down with Atlanta, clearly, to choose the best lottery option.

But Carter seems to be happy, he will not work with a room for the loss, travel, or clothing that is being put in place.

"I'm not tired, it's hard work, it's a bit more than ten years old, but I still like to grind," he says. "… I can not imagine doing it."

Does he enjoy the only thing?

"In the morning," he said, trying to hear the reporter listening to the crowd. "No, seriously, I wake up in the afternoons, and I'm going to shoot my shooters or meetings, and they're all young guys. Do you have a good idea? And I'm just saying," Yes, you do not understand. "

If we judge a little bit – or maybe honestly – it's a career with more carbohydrates than protein. He scored 25,000 points in the final second of the loss [to the Raptors] No half-gap of any group that will go. His personality was just what he listed – personal.

One year winner was the winner of the 2000 Dunk competition, and was the main voter in all star games, four times in five years, starting in 2000, all as Raptor. .

"Some elite superstars were still in play. I can say that, at one point, Michael Jordan had more votes. I did it," he said. "You can not beat that."

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Some generations of family rooms may argue that point, but being honest in Carter seems to be nonsensical, to be the same.

"I want to refuse one thing that people can steal," he says. "Sometimes it happens, and when I do this now, I grow up, I'm happy. Most of the time."

From Toronto's point of view, from a Canadian basketball standpoint, his best days were spectacular when creating a franchise, justifying new fans for the sport and the faith of the staggered steps.

We saw Vince Carter at his best and Carter gave his best years here. On Tuesday night in Toronto, as it did not last in Toronto last year, Carter and almost 20,000 Raptors fans were happy to share memories.

Everyone was younger and a long-term drive in one night, Carter was once again important.

In that sense, in all these years, he needed Carter Toronto, he had to return as much as Toronto.

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