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Raptors will meet with Leonard-Lowry puzzle


TORONTO – Somewhat astonishing, Toronto Raptors earns 15-6 for the best two players, Kawhi Leonard and Kyle Lowry, and on Tuesday they won the 104-101 victory over the Atlanta Hawks quarter, 16-6.

Do you know anything? Perhaps it is only necessary to overcome regular NBA season games, and it is essential. Maybe Raptors says that a staff of a single night will not be able to find a way to win. It's a very deep and very good group. And maybe we're still learning much about Toronto's top tandem power.

Unfortunately, coach Nick Nurse has had little chance of learning. On Tuesday he won the match between Leonard and Lowry. Until now, the pair have shared only 43 games of over half of Toronto with the shared floor.

"I think it was very little, if you want my opinion to be honest," said Erizain in her group's shootaround Tuesday morning. "We are our two best players and we need the best two players on the ground".

There is no need to go without saying it. For all the wonderful stories, Raptors has risen and has dropped this season, such as Pascal Siakam, the calm efficiency of Serge Ibaka, the energy and impact of Norman Powell, and all Danny Green's contributions, the basketball team Leonard or They will be bored in Lowry's playground or get bored.

And at the beginning the animators returned. Since last December 9, Leonard and Lowry played 10.7 wins at a more expensive point, the ground could be better off, it could be worse. It was at least a trend. After some hiccups, it seems like they were developing something.

Then they marketed one month's assets. Lowry, a serious spinal cord injury, was worse than expected, Leonard was not diverted overnight, and wanted to prevent the physical impairment of basketball games. This plan was not followed, above all, after a field of training, Nurse gave priority to obtaining a maximum of two-year time. But when does anything go by the plan?

"It's lucky. I'm not sure if it's good or bad," said Nurses recently. "It's just a coincidence, really, it goes a lot, especially this year."

When the nurse is curator Leonard or Lowry, she often gives thought to her thoughts. He likes Lowry's pace, the game rises. How does it always push the action, quickly and quickly, so that the owner's page becomes faster than anyone else on the ground. And as Leonard constantly likes, the slowdown of the game goes way. He throws the ball into his own hands and the world continues to stand, scans and scrutinizes it in front of him.

And maybe this helps why the duo got some time before chemistry in this season. It was not when Raptors was playing badly when they were playing on the floor. But it was not exactly the ballet. At times, Lowry will take care of and strengthen the lawsuit, when Leonard lost his mind. Among others, Leonard had a ball and an isolated striker, while Lowry slipped into the corner of an arch and waited for it. a result

"I think we want to see more minutes together," said the nurses. "It's very easy when one of them is turned on and one of them is turned off. It's a bit more difficult, in a good way, [when they share the floor.] One problem is that you can make the two choices: who brings, who does not.

"And I think we need to get a little bit of a bit about rhythm. My rhythm is a bit better, but both of them are on the ground, but that's more for me or for us to get a little worse, a little faster."

Take a tart game, for example. Among the owners of Toronto's former offensives, Lowry and Leonard were locked in a grievance contest. Leonard looked at him and sent him to Lowry. Lowry looked over and passed Leonardi. Then go back to Lowry. Leonardori. And then the shooting clock has expired.

Yes, the first period of a month was not good. Lowry finished the first eight minutes without any help, and Leonard was silent to open the game. As Lowry found out, Hawks were four.

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In the second quarter, in the second half, in the middle of the second half, they were a little better, as Lowry found Leonard in three corners, Leonard made a quick shot at Lowbo. Ibaka made three. But Raptors' defense was porous and Atlanta got everything he wanted at the end of Raptors. Once again, Hawks won the Leonard-Lowry minute six times.

In the second half, the pairs that share the interaction with each other were directed in a similar direction. But after a heavy raid, Leonard and Lowry tripled three quarters, and Siakam could be the most important development in the development. Over time, Lowry turned to the front of the Raptors bench in a towel-draped position, Toronto won the Leonard-Lowry play-run, 19-13.

They finally won, most importantly, when Hawks sucked two, when they were seven minutes left with Lowry. Raptors never looked right in this night, by all means. But when Leonard and Lowry looked better, the rhythm was pushing, passing through the defensive paths, forcing backs, creating teammates and winning the game.

The last part happened in 25 seconds, when Leonard found his sixth night and started a fast pace. When Leonard played with John Collins, Lowry set up a devastating and blind blindman, entering Collins's floor and releasing his teammate. After that, five Raptors finished the ball, it was Ibaka Dunker and Toronto.

Raptors could be the best thing all night. And it was the critical moment of the game.

That is important. Before January, and Raptors is still well-out-out-out-out within the territory, January is also, and Raptors probably need to get more out now. Nurses must know how their team will respond to decisive moments in Leonard and Lowry on the ground. The players need to know. Their mettle needs to be tested.

The last 39 games in Toronto will be played against 265 players or more. Raptors can have a lot of such tasks. You can run your late game sets in practice, but it is impossible to feel the pressure and intensity under the lights. At that moment, while the live rounds are flying, the ball will be in the hands of Leonard or Lowry.

"Probably the main thing is to run in a short space of time with both of these boys," said the nurses. "Where we are, where the ball is playing, where it's being shot, what we're playing, what are the races running on games running … These are the things I'm focusing on … It's huge. It's a big phase playoff time will come ".

Playing time is fast approaching. And before the game, Raptors learn a lot.

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