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RCMP: Four serious pollution B.C. From the start of the 2019 to the highway


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Cars have started to crash on B.C., financial problems in the car's public insurer Shutterstock

The RCMP requires a slowdown and control of the driver after four deadly crashes have been completed. B.C. Only on the highway last week

On January 4, at 1:30 a.m., approximately two 20-kilometer deadly vehicles on the highway 1 occurred. According to a note, "the two female female occupants of the eastern passenger vehicle crossed the midline and the truck was transported to the west."

A woman sedan died and the driver suffered serious injuries. The transport driver was not injured.

On Sunday, January 6, at approximately 1:00 a car accident was made at Richmond's North Steveston Road to Highway 99. Some women defined the sign of the motorway and covered underground sections that were part of the water circle near the highway.

The same day at around 5:40 a.m., Fernie RCMP reported a 3-car vehicle accident on Highway 3 a few kilometers east of Fernie. A single male player crossed the midline and struck the van with an Eastern van business van and a second vehicle after a van.

As a result, the driver of the western vehicle, there was no seat, died. There will be no injuries sustained and two people in the driver of the vehicle.

On Sunday, the third clash in North Okanagan on the Vernon RCMP road responded to three vehicle crashes around Birnie Road, in the south of Vernon, at around 3:05 PM. After a vehicle, two more vehicles crossed to the south have passed the two vehicles. One of the vehicles was hit, the controller lost control and made a rocky face and confronted the passenger in the car that killed the blows.

The police want to remind all drivers to be careful, slowing down because the road and weather conditions can change quickly and quickly. Reduces speed by accidentally injuring or killing. Make sure your vehicle is in the winter of winter, to ride on the highways in winter resorts.

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