Monday , January 24 2022

RCMP ratifies the discharge of the person in charge N.S.-n. women are among the disturbances of Dieppe


The RCMP confirmed on Sunday that a 25-year-old officer has been wearing a Scotia 25-year-old woman on Saturday in Dieppe, N.B.

The woman has taken her to the hospital with indeterminate wounds.

While the RCMP continues investigating the incident, the Scottish Serious Incident Response Team, an independent police supervisory body, is investigating female accidents in preliminary phases.

SIRT's Ron Legere said the agency was called to investigate the New Brunswick RCMP.

"Our research is ongoing," Leger said, and no other information will be sent.

RCMP spokeswoman Nick Arbor said he could not comment on the use of RCMP members' strength or how many shots he had thrown out because the membership actions were reviewed by SIRT.

"Any question about the use of force should be directed to the Serious Incident Response Team".

The woman arrested the supposed ceasefire as emergency personnel, responding to a vehicle accident at Adélard-Savoie Boulevard, half a mile from Moncton Airport. After 45 minutes he was taken to police custody.

The vehicle that is constantly involved in RCMP research is covered with a greener grease. (Guillaume Aubut / Radio Canada)Injuries are not life-threatening. RCMP has said that nobody has hurt.

On Saturday, the police released a woman who responded yesterday, but on Sunday they released "they took the measures that threatened their first responses," and believe they were fired, but they will not say for sure. They're still studying.

When Arbor was asked about his wife's accident, Arbor said he was part of the investigation.

In response to a question about the Saturday event chronicle, Arbor said that the earlier responses were "threatening behavior" 45 minutes later.

He asked if he was driving, Arbor said these details were part of ongoing research.

The path will be closed

A small segment of Adélard-Savoie Boulevard closed on Sunday as an RCMP and continued to investigate SIRT.

A vehicle is left in a forest covered with green leather. The RCMP vehicle, covered with snow, stood next to the street, two orange cones next to the rear tire next to the vehicle.

Legere with SIRT researchers sat on Saturday night and Sunday morning.

SIRT can be called upon to investigate issues of significant public interest in death, serious injuries, sexual assault and domestic violence or police officers.

"It's an important research, it will take some time," said Leger.

Bad events

Meanwhile, Chris Hood, Executive Director of the New Brunswick Paramedic Association, said what was worrying.

Hood has said that it's not just about the general public, but someone who is not trying to help anyone who is trying to help.

"We are not fully clear about the details, but all the statements are fired by someone," said Hood.

Hood has stated that the paramedics association will be in contact with the obligation at any time that they require help.

A RCMP vehicle covers snow, two orange cones through rear tires. (Guillaume Aubut / Radio Canada)

"We do not see it as much as we want to think of as an isolated insurgency," said Hood. "Clearly in recent years, people have not been so happy to see the doors of the first section".

Hood said the paramilitary members of Saturday's disturbances responded correctly.

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