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Re-released emails Trudeau officials show the fight for the Atwal scandal


The senior officials of the government confused the events together and "nonsensical" embarrassment narrative in February, immediately breaking news that the murderer had invited to an exclusive event at the official visit to Justin Trudeau in India.

New documents obtained by CBC News Canadian officials invited Canada's business curator who invited Canadian Atwal to invite dinner to the media about the invitation. Initially

Atwal, a former member of the independent non-independent Sikh group, was convicted in 1986 for murdering the Indian cabinet minister to visit British Columbia. During the tour, she attended Trudeau's most imbued Symbol Symbol of the turbulent trip: a photo of Atwal, the wife of the Prime Minister, Sophie-Gregoire Trudeau, in an extraordinary tour event.

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, with Jaspal Atwal, in an Indian film event in Mumbai, in February, with an official visit by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. (Provided by Jaspal Atwal)

Atwal's presence and security questions raised Trudeau's Indian knot of the trip. The Prime Minister was repeatedly criticized for moving the traditional Indian costumes to essential functions during the trip. The attempt to persuade the Indian government has failed to get peas, beans and chickpeas.

Blacked out

Most of the emails have been collected a lot. The Parliament's National Security and Intelligence Committee (Parliament) today released its report on India's indisputable national security in the afternoon.

CBC News for the first time presented at the Atwal event, on February 21, a new story, among the highest bureaucrats among the main managers of the trudeau defense and national security.

The emails sent on the day the CBC story was released makes it clear that the top brass did not know that he had invited Atwal.

"An individual apparently placed on the list of guests – this is unknown," said Deputy Secretary, David Angell, Deputy Secretary of Foreign and Defense Policy.

Indeed, MP Randeep Sarai – MP 14 is a member of the Indian travels – adds the name of Onwal to the list of guests.

Later that day, Daniel Jean – the senior security adviser of the Prime Minister – writes in an internal email: "It's not realistic to see all the guests in the reception list and we do not invite any information until this potential is a serious problem."

On February 23, Vancouver Sun published information on the Canadian Security Service about Atwal's participation on February 17 to take part in an official event event. History touched on another e-mail message at Trudeau's highest levels of government.

Under an e-mail chain, we can "ban", Jean, Angell, Assistant Secretary of the Cabinet (Security and Intelligence), Caroline Xavier and the federal officials of the title, to try to get the story forward and get rid of the suggestion of the government. He warned about Atwal.

Who knows what and when?

"We can not confirm that HC (high commission) has confirmed," says Jeani, Sunday, February 23 at 8:30 p.m. "They want to know about the plane and on the plane".

Jean's reply, sent five minutes later, is totally black.

Jean wrote to Angell, "Did you confirm that this statement was not previously received? … It spread to most media in the background, as long as all of these invariants prove false, but someone still eats this information."

30 minutes later, Jean sent another message to a recipient without a recipient, what information he received about the presence of Atwal's attributed to New Delhi.

"CSIS information, RCMP information or private information? Why did not they create us before the invitation?"

On 22 and 23 February, in the news briefings on journalists, Jean offered a theory: Shameless parties inside the Indian government decided to take Atwal's part in making Trudeau embarrassed and frustrated.

Last April, he was told by the Jean Committee committee that he had given information on the "false narrative" and "coordinated misinformation" of Trudeau's trip.

Jean retired from the public service at the end of April.

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