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Recall: do not call Recovery – Leafs lose 5-4 OT


For the first time this year, Toronto Maple Leafs will play a game Full Operation Battle Station the best line possible. Why? Oh, maybe you have not heard William WILLIAM NYLANDER ONLY THIS AND GAME FIRST TONIGHT PLAY!

Willy excited and fans excited and coach excited and Dubas excited and his teammates are excited and Fulemin and Arvind are back to excited.

Maybe Willy can help Sparks get that line up.

Do this


We treated it with an epic presentation … I am sorry for the presentation of the game? I mean an NYLANDER epic entry. Play my emotions based on William Play, Sportsnet. I am here!

[20:00 to 15:00]

Nylander sees Leafs as he starts up on the Tavares line, and we are! Nothing happens, and HERE WE GO WILLY JUMPS ON THE ICE! I got a bit of listening and booing, so it's nice. And such things are back again … Babs tease 🙁

Nylander does not see much in this game early. I do not think Nylander has seen a good shot in this game yet, and it's more than 3 minutes. When Willy's fourth line gets a good chance for Lindholm, his shot attempt has been partially blocked and expanded.

After jumping to the Tavares lineup, Nylander got a good chance and scored the first shot four minutes before. Then he jumps and wins some vintage Willy: Puck moves to clear the area, circulates the area and crosses the cross-ice wheel to throw one point.

Nylander is back on the third line, and from Kadri to Johnsson from Gardiner to Kapan from Tic-tep-top. 1-0 Leafs!

[15:00 to 10:00]

When Nylander goes through a 15-minute game, the curse of Fulemin is liable to Leafs. After a first joke, since Jonathan Ericsson has won the txap today, GUESS WHO SCORED TO TIE IT UP? Ericsson has got a white point Sparks partially. Nylander shook his head right … 1-1.

Prove Fulemin's perfidy:

Perhaps a minute later, Wings joined the ice and Glendening, the fourth man of Wings, got a game that broke a puck … Mitch Marner liked it as a Leaf. up. When reproduced, Glendening's play appears to be trapped in previous tables until it is warmed up again with ice. 2-1 Voice.

Leafs does not get a powerful chance for a long time. PP1 could not get anything, it was pretty nice. It will not be outdone, it comes with PP2 and it's instantly a mega butt. Their best chance came to the Nylander area and Saucer kept ice on Ennisi's shot point.

[10:00 to 5:00]

Nylander started to put his legs under his feet, except one of the Wings players, two of them being a refusal and taking them together.

Marner establishes his magic through neutral space, creating from 3 to 2. Without a doubt, he went to Tavares to take a rumor that Bernardi faces confronting him. One of these days, Marner will take that shot and the GTA will be half hearted.

Oof, Leafs put in a good effort on the right, Ozzie Matthews adjusted to shape it. The Wings got a shot in the end and kept Sparmas in the fight for two nice save. After the fourth line he jumped and reached his end.

Leafs seem like they've slept recently.

[5:00 to Fin]

Third line on hops and WOKE! Kappy hurried and Kadri pulled away from afar. Poor Naz … again in the snake bit phase.

With Nylander, he hit hard and hard Matthews, cutting Jensen in the center of the ice, tripping to get him out. Return to Leafs with a PP connection option. The PP1 unit got some areas, but it did not have much quality. After a minute, the Nylander Unit started to ice … it was the same success.

The fourth line ended after the PP and Connor Brown had a great chance, but could not block it. And after Leafs scored a penalty. Actually, they did not! Unfortunately, over the retreating of Nyquist's roofs, more than Sparks had a curious stroke, maybe one pass or a close kick-off? Only 12 seconds left in that period … 3-1 Voice.

The first time thoughts



  • 3-1 came out and did not unfortunately look
  • Willy did not look like an actress / training camp / an NHL actor, some nice matches or zone entries that were left out this year
  • Leafs made it tough times to be the default and defense area, many of them helped …
  • 7 The voice has a great chance of 5v5 and Leafs 4 and shows:


[20:00 to 15:00]

The line of cadres begins, and the relationship between Kapan and Kadri is strict. The Tavares line continues a good alternative. Matthews line up and Nylander wins a icing and Marleau has one (locked) option.

Shortly afterwards, Athanasiou Sparks began to rest in a partial break. After leafs ice puck twice, and Nylander got stuck facing a bit gassed each time he finally got ice before.

[15:00 to 10:00]

Leafs has made a long career with Tavares and links it with ice. The cadre line once again has changed a lot, staying in Wings and could not break it. They did not score well.

Then the Tavares Line created some good options. Mitche had Puck in the slot, but his shot was blocked. Hainsey got into the puck, but she binds her with a wide set of bracelets. Soil is lost in the department's plans, but it seems that they have quite the same anti-eye essay. Unfortunately, Marner did not give up, but at least they did not get Puck touching.

[10:00 to 5:00]

Leafs left the penalty … it's good! Mike Green scored a goal from Marner when he got out of the box … that's a bad thing. 4-1 Voice.

And the bad game is bad, worse, as Niklas Kronwall's shit part indicates, he decided to throw cheap shots, Matthews headed the horrible ridge to the summit. Absolutely miserable miserable hit. He may sleep until he breathes his breath.

Matthews was fortunate enough to have started the power unit when he started the ice for PP1 after the second unit. They have a good chance from Kadrin's high point, and Bernier has stopped. Matthews made it very well that Bernier was partially paralyzed. They did not get any points, and next to the PP, Kadrik had a wonderful opportunity, but could not fail, but the net was open.

[5:00 to Fin]

Leafs have at least one life, those who think about it! What is Lindholm's PERFECT time to take the penalty … to silence? Fortunately, they have been killed, but in a few minutes they were left in that period they did not commit a joint offensive.

Nylander gives Kronwalli an opportunity after the penalty. The season ends with 4-1 Leafs, but with a third more than a third minute.

Second-half thoughts

This game is butt. Looks like leafs butt Their PP looks butt. The Red Wings butt is still a great win. Kronwall is a butthead. Here is all the huts!

Leafs made more shots for this period, but a) many of them were blocked (5 shots at the same time), b) those who were not blocked were of poor quality and c) lost 5f of the chance of losing 5v5.


[20:00 to 15:00]

We're back, with Leafs still with PP. An objective would be a nice sign that a comedy is not a question … just. Pena could not have happened, Leafs never scored a good chance. Their PP was butt, or the Wings PK was good (hahahaha).

The line of castaways was the best Kadri line in the game, and they had a good change. Babys has thrown Rielly with Gardiner, with the same change, and works! Entering the Rielly zone and opening Tavares feeds to make a great choice, he does not lose, he dives to the top of the shelf to play the two goals. Match 4-2.

Babs continues with Johnsson's Matthews-Kapan line … Matthews or his flanks changing twice? You tell me! He finished with Nylander Kadri and Marleao, I do not know who moved and who went.

The voice is gradually looking at a bit, and Leafs picks up more options and the pressure on the offensive continues to persist. The Tavares line was another great opportunity, along with Hyman and Tavares, who could not pass on to Marner. The judge enters, Leafs has legs and the Wings enters as a turtle.

[15:00 to 10:00]

Matthews had a new chance with New Wings the next day, playing Matthews and Rielly, and leaving an electric rush to end Rielly and left the top corner. 6 levels of 6 are more than 6 point flat and have less quality.

The pair Gardiner and Rielly will meet again with Tavares, and they continue to be more dangerous at this time. A sweat off, although D pairs are coming out, connects Matthews.

Sparks wins a good attempt to push back in two goals. And work! Tavares line again to access an excellent Marner game. Ozzie scored and Hyman rebounded a goal! 4-3 half of gameplay!

[10:00 to 5:00]

TIE GAME !!!!!!! Babcock's outfits make magic wonders. Push it out to spend a little Matthews shaking the area. He takes a foul kick, but Johnsson takes a short shot, a real chip scattered over Bernier's shoulder. It's all now! 4-4 tournament!

He scored a little bit after the goal, because Wings had some chances to go back but Leafs did not go on the same game.

[5:00 to Fin]

Many end-to-end movements, but windy weather and no ice cream. Kronwall Brown directs a scratch but is not punished. Brown, however, has fought hard and Leafs strengthens time around the area around Kadri and strengthens ice.

Willy did not see any sample from that time, Babs woke up to breathe OT or shoot. His minutes have fallen in intervals each time.

Marner was almost surprised by Bernier, with a commission bracelet. Bernier made a trick, trying to squeeze his arms, as well as sneaking. We're missing a minute with the linked game.

Apart from a rojiblanco defense, they run a set of games and Brown stops the stop until Bernier stays. Shortly afterwards, Wings fell and there was a point. BOTH left in 10 seconds and saved a goal that Rielly finished with Larkin. Yeesh … From 3 to 3 we will go to extra hours!

The third time thoughts

And they did! It was better for Leafs. Babcock joined the line and partner, and got energy. The voice made an attempt between the ages of 31 and 18, and while Sparks had to do well, Leafs made good bounces (thank you in the messages).

extra hours

A little frenzy begins to come back and forth from the incomplete plane. On the Wings round Sparks had a good post to publish in Larkin. Big Wings had a good chance at the front, and Marleau broke it.

The opposite of Buffalo's hours is like the opposite. End of end of skating, variations of ownership and options for each team.

And back and forth, the extra time ends with the goal of Larkin. A business of Tavares said Larkin held his ice, and Sparks won a goal after retiring the opponent's opponent.

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