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Recovered legacies: 1st Season Episode 5 – [Spoiler] He returns from the dead


Even in a magical world, elections are not always well-targeted. Some legacies"Best" learned a tough word on Thursday, the decision to complete the Honorary Honorary Council of Alaric, consisting of a representative of each supernatural faction.

Lizzie well dressed and one bear well-dressed MGAs Quincy Fouse announced!) were opposed to individuals against their species, but a bit of a challenge against male men who appeared to support leadership was not surprising. When Rafael's alpha was clear he had used his position to remove the Landon school, it was a battle of supremacy. Rafael paid for the challenge, because he won the seat at the town hall, but two other places moved to Kaleb (!) And Josie (?!) To create a choir that came from other students. And for me, to be honest.

He also hopes to be armed hard on his way into the council – be fair, he is there His only colleague, surely, was to make sure Landon was well-taken care of, but people surprised him with his first motion: "Landon must go." Kaleb agreed (Duh) and Rafael (Duuuh) left. Josie hands' decision. He eventually decided to keep the distance in Landon's best interest, sending Rafael a blind mercy … and Lizzie kissed her arms. (Say, did not Rafael kiss Josie last week? I do not think so that's it it can cause more tension between the sisters.)

On the other hand, Alaric and Dorian were busy with the mystery of this week's monster: the spirit of a tree's life, also known as drying. (It's not soft.) This is especially dry: the show first talking monster – his lover was disappointed, along with the vampire named Oliver. (Confessions: Before I heard the "vampire" I thought I could talk about the Oliverian Poem of Jackson Oliver Originals) And while the guy proved enough, the plan made a new blow that Oliver had no memory of his daisy lady. Hell, the guy got married.

As if they were not broken enough, the poor landed – under the influence of an unknown entity – they attacked Alaric and Dorian, forcing them out. Fortunately, he revealed the key piece of the puzzle before he began to work on the sky: he took a head in his head to take the "dark ground" knife on the floor called Malivore. Thus, "peace and, finally, it would be free" (Dryad clearly does not see other shows of this franchise, or "peace" really means).

The dryad's story shows the mystery of Landon's constant. After giving a farewell to his wife, Hope placed Landon in New Orleans by bus, and found a "family friend" to find her mother-in-law. (Vincent? Declan? I need to know!) Although intriguing: In a single story, Landon has his mother with the Malivore sign on his neck.

Also worth discussing …

* In Linkin Park, I have to meet someone at the end of the episode "At the end". Right now.

Did Bonnie Bennett catch the cry? When Dorian Oliver brought it to dryad, he said, "Our pal Bonnie witch rings done something like a combo-like storyline and astrological projection." I would like to see Kat Graham's Mystic Falls, but for now I'll make an exclusive mention.

* I did not think anything about it as Hi-Hayley was saying to you … until Alaric gave up his heart. So you can imagine my delight in the promo that appears on Jodi Lyn O & # 39; Keefe pops, next week, as freaking zombies. This show is good for us.

* Speaking of familiar faces, who is "family friend" in New Orleans?

You've shaken the heavy information episode this week legacies? New Landon's theory Drop the comment under your thoughts.

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