Friday , March 31 2023

Red Hill closed in two directions after crashing after 30 kilograms of liquid asphalt


Hamilton Police announces "major delays" for morning travel after a recharging of Red Hill Valley Parkway freight cars.

The collision of a single vehicle occurred about 4:30 a.m., the police said. The road will close for several hours when the cleaning occurs. The paths to the north and south are closed.

In the South, Dave Cunliffe said the tank truck was circulated around a 40,000-liter liquid-tracked asphalt road when it was called a CP rail bridge crossing Red Hill to the south of Red Hill.

"The liquid asphalt is on the way to the center between the banks of the river and north to south," Cunliff said. "The Hammill Fire Brigade team at Hazmat team was able to leak out the leakage unit and set up median and road content systems."

Emergency crews chimney about 30,000 liters of asphalt.

When the two friends in the truck had a crash, firefighters used an airborne staircase to get out of the disaster and assessed by paramedics, Cunliff said. The police said they were taken to the hospital to treat minor injuries.

The fire department was informed by the Ministry of the Environment and public works of the city, and CP sent a representative of the bridge evaluation scene.

The evacuations were not necessary, said Cunliff.

They want to analyze what the researchers have done. The police said the provisions of the Criminal or Highway Traffic Act have not yet been established.

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