Wednesday , October 20 2021

Regular sex with the intention of enjoying the elderly


A new study shows that having sexual intercourse regularly is also a good health in the senior years. Not only does it improve the feeling of well-being, but also helps to improve the lifestyle, as the researchers have explained. The results of the study were published in the latest issue of the magazine Sexual medicine.

At Ruskin University in England and at University College London, researchers surveyed 6,879 older people (over 65 years of age). These individuals were more satisfied with life and enjoyed greater enjoyment.

Dr. Lee Smith, in a statement by Ruskin in the UK's medical practice reader, explains: "Our research findings suggest that doctors consult patients about their sexual activity and contribute to sexual difficulties, such as helping elderly people contribute to life-saving lives. ". Smith and coworker Sarah Jackson analyzed the differences between sexual activity between men and women. Women showed continued well-being than in sexual relations. Kissing, fondling and touches gave them a life-long life. These women, then, gave them closer proximity to sex partners, the researchers found. According to the interest, there was no sense of woman's welfare. On the other hand, men have been able to have good sexual intercourse with men.

Smith said in a statement, "Health professionals must recognize that older adults are not asexual and have a better well-being for many sexes and problems of the population. However, it is not periodically testing new attitudes to aging, Different types of activities. "


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