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Remorse rider will be convicted of Broncos crash: legal expert

Lauren Krugel, The Canadian Press

Published on Wednesday, January 9, 2019 4:24 AM EST

A court judge would be surprised if a judge sends a better sentence, a half-truck driver who has destroyed 29 posts against a Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team.

Jaskirat Singh Sidhu was guilty of Melfort's, Sask. -N on Tuesday, 16 strikers of a dangerous criminals, 13 dangerous accidents that cause death and cause bodily harm.

The maximum penalty for the death penalty that causes death is 14 years. For 10 years you have been driving dangerous body damages. Sidhu, a 30-year sentence, will begin on the 28th.

Jennifer Quaid, a professor at the University of Ottawa, has said that the unstoppable scale of the last spring tragedy is not the only one who should weigh the judge judge.

"Yes, it's a very serious accident and there are many issues. There is a victim," he said. "But he's the first time he's a criminal too. He's young."

It is not possible to resort to the guilty decision of Sidhu, in which case he was allowed to make more than one case of trial, as Quaid says, that he can not see a scenario that Sidhu is fully protecting prison time.

Could it be possible to see Corona's evidence that his defense decided he did not deserve any trial, he suggested. Increasing emotions and the intense use of the media can also be on the verge of occurrence.

Sidhu, a lawyer, Mark Brayford, said on Tuesday, his client did not want to make a worse trial and destroyed the pain caused by the families of the victims.

Quaid said that Sidhu's decision is the factor of the sentence.

"It will be something that will resonate, the judge will assess the sincerity and credibility of the ruling."

Quaid added the judge probably acknowledged that Sidhu was not the only crash factor, visions of visibility appeared Tisdale, Sask.

The owner of the Calgary trucking contract with Sidhu faces various positions related to federal and provincial security regulations in previous months.

"This young man agrees with the unfortunate model that we see with work-related disasters: something that is given to young workers, workers who renew their work, and untrained workers." Quaid said.

"All of them will be those who will play the condemnation phase and tend to alleviate the sentence."

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