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Removing a Double Dead Bus Stop in Westboro Station, Over a dozen Wounded

What do we know about the crash?

* Two-way double shuttle bus, arriving at Westboro Station, 3:50. on Friday
* Three people were killed and 23 were injured
* Two people died while on the bus while another person was standing
* A witness said that he had made an ice patch before the bus stop at the station.
* Police chief said Route 269 was. The bus driver was arrested and questioned. "Put something on us" to arrest him, said the head.
* Transitway Scott Street and Transitway have shut down between Westboro and Tunney Station stations
* Authorities require people to leave outside
* Churchill Seniors Center at 345 Richmond Rd. It is open to anyone looking for information about family members who are in the crash
* The Ottawa Hospital received a total of 12 patients on its Civic Campus and six general campus

The OC Transpo's "Connexion" route at the end of the ordinary 269 route of the ordinary route of travel had to be a regular bicycle from the Bridlewood neighborhood of Canada to the city.

Deadly double bus stop at Westboro Station

But Westboro Station's dual bus dual bus at 3:50 p.m., something suddenly went awry, terribly wrong. Driver controls were lost, shipped through the fence and shelter on the bus, sheltered by shelter's steel and glass roof, and scattered six or seven lines on the top right of the bus.

Two people standing in the bus and one person on the platform died. Another 23 were injured, nine of them were on Friday night, cruel and dangerous diseases.

Female bus driver was arrested on the scene.

"I rememorated that the bus driver was saying," Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, "" a passenger said Scott Street was paralyzing down the street after an hour's crash.

"The bus was full, each seat was taken, and people stood up in the middle row, as they flew back," said the woman, who would not name the military.

"There was no glass anywhere. I helped him a boy, he was looking at the other side of his foot and all his blood was on his face. He was the leftmost, the second one before.

"The road was a person unconscious, the other conscious but pretty beat. It was nonsense."

Police, paramedics and firefighters went to the Westboro Station to release the wounded, many decks at the top of the bus station. The police closed Scott Street near the station and buses.

Firefighters used the stairs to reach the upper back of the bus, which was the first to work at a temperature of cold bones to treat comfort and wounded. Some unexpected people were injured by the top-left window of the bus stopped. Others carried or stopped the ambulances that were waiting for a fleet.

"There is a deep sadness in telling three dead people that they were confirmed," said Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson had a press conference in the town hall at an afternoon.

"In the name of my colleagues, in the Town Hall, our hearts and condolences go to families who have lost all the wounds, loved ones and families. Our thoughts are those with that bus, those who participate in the station and those that clash".


Ottawa Hospital emergency Code Orange declares that after a half hour of a crash. He received 12 patients at his trauma center, on the Civic Center and six on campus. The Civic campus's medical doctor took an emergency room and was waiting for the unrelated bus station. They thanked the patient for their kindness and asked her kindness.

"We are having a massive criminal event," he explained. "Patients are really critical."

The bus took police to the court on Friday night.

"With regard to control, I can advise you to conduct interviews for seclusion and transport to our headquarters without details," said the chief of Ottawa to the journalist Charles Bordeleau. In response to the monitoring question, he said: "I can say something that leads us to take them individually and to the room."

Friday night was published.

Six police collision investigators passed the scene of a crash to determine what happened. The Ontario Department of Transportation and Transportation also works in Canada; Bordeaux said.

"Responding to such events is tragic and very difficult," said Bordeaux. "The scene is chaotic."

The route in 269 does not stop at Westboro Station, through the Pasthage of Tunney, its previous stop at Bayshore. It's time to complete the race for many hours, and many passengers come from the National Defense Office, where Mackenzie King Bridge begins to run.

OC Transpo's second deadly incident is a bus since 2013 when a Via passenger train goes to Fallowfield Road. Six people were killed, including a bus driver. Westchester and Fallowfield buses took part in OC Transpo's Alexander Dennis E500 dual bus. John Manconi, the city's transport manager, said the study of Transport Safety Council after the 2013 crash was missing from the vehicle.

"You remember clearly the TSB report, there was no problem with a dual maintenance perspective, monitoring OC Transpo's requirements, all MTO inspections, etc.", said Manconi.

The city has organized a message posted on Churchill Seniors Center to find information on members of the family who are essential to reach the destination and to obtain a warming center for their first seats.

MORE: What happened at Westboro Station? It is expected to have a long research

Police officers in Ottawa were advisers of the crisis unit to crash families and witnesses. The Red Cross and Salvage Army personnel were also inside.

8 p.m. In the vicinity, about a dozen people entered the reception center, they did not contact their loved ones. Shortly after, when the center was opened, a couple joined their teenage daughter.

Canadian resident Mary Hawkeye went to 7-centimeter. He was a 26-year-old son who was unable to work in the downtown restaurant.

"He left a few hours ago," he said before going on. "It does not respond to its mobile phone, it goes straight to the voice mailbox, so we're not really sure," he said.

"Fortunately, it's good news."

Hawkeye left the center a few minutes later from his home.

"We're so wasted," he said. "But we are praying to all those who wait. I still do not pray for those who listen to me."

Concerns about people likely to be in the bus to call the Canadian Red Cross call 1-855-797-8875.

At the Westboro Station bus stop.



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