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The Vancouver City Council has wages while renovating.

On Tuesday, CTV News unanimously admitted that the City Council accepted the key parts of a movement, the tenants that have to be expelled from their homes without a profit from their neighbors.

Measures that include movement include the tenant's offering more tools & # 39; upgrade & # 39; to deal with – the practice of avoiding tenants, so that a landlord demolish, renovate or sell a property.

The councils voted for a favorable vote in the first quarter of 2019 to ask the city's employees.

– CTV with Vancouver files


Many mercury-burning homes have been awarded in the lower continental when mercury goes down.

The night after, the centers opened in the weather alert.

CTV News expects temperatures at -6 ° C thanks to tonight on wind chill factors Tuesday.

Vancouver opens its warming center at temperatures that reach or -5 ° C.

Pets, bicycles and chariots are accepted at the centers and more than 100 people have benefited last year from centers every night.

– CTV with Vancouver files

Holidays have many exciting years, but they can be a lot of difficult times.

The Inland Crisis Line includes a lot of busy holiday season, ranging from 25th of December to 25th of December and more than 30 percent in January, the crisis phone calls more and more.

The internal crisis line volunteers are required.

"We are deeply grateful that surprising and volunteer workers respond to calls 24/7," said Alyssa Gabon, Managing Internal Crisis Line in Vernon. "They are not saving their lives, but they receive their phones every time."

Crisis is working to become a Line Employee Volunteer, deep and supportive.

Many people say that it is not only the call to the crisis, but how they manage how to communicate their relationships and improve their stress in life.

The five lines of the Barcelona Healthcare Crisis work together in each call and give 20,000 calls per year to the city every year. The number continues to grow.

"Since connecting five of our lines of crisis, our call volume has doubled, so all Internal Crisis ministries need to train as a crisis worker," said Gabon.

The training is offered 40 hours for several weeks, at different times of the year.

By means of training, applicants will learn new skills to convey their support for the recovery of existing forces, de-scaling, necessary interventions, and most importantly, those who call the service.

Get more out of your local crisis from 250-542-3114 to 232 extensions.

Internal Crisis Lines 1,888,353.2273 (CARE), 24/7/365.


December 4, 2018 / 3:25 pm | Story:

Dairy cows may be elderly or unmarried, and their predictions can predict stress, according to the recent British Columbia research.

Benjamin Lecorps, a doctoral student at an animal welfare program, said that the study has effects on animal welfare and proposes links between human and animal worlds.

"In humans, we know that the characteristics of personality can really affect stress, face challenges or their social life, etc. We also asked about animals," said Lecorps.

The research published in the Scientific Study demonstrated that they reacted to a stressful, social, pessimistic or optimistic check that was at stake.

The stress tests came to four months after identifying the characteristics of their personality when the animals were between 25 and 50 days.

The pony was more pessimistic, the more voices and the high eye temperatures, as the signs of stress, he said. When the temperature of the eye increases when the animal is threatening, the pleasant nerve system is activated and the blood flow increases to the eyes, said Lecorps.

If optimism is analyzed, as one of the major predictors that human beings face to stressors, few studies have led to the optimism and optimism of other species.

Lecorps has said that the characteristics of personality are considered as the average species or shepherds, but it is important to take into account animal welfare to look at individuals, as more vulnerable challenges to others.

Victoria Police seems sudden death.

CTV News reflects Victoria Park on research.

The park is next to the Galloping Goose bicycle near Burnside Road.

The police cruises can be seen next to Cecelia Ravine Park and it is closed at 9:45 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Death is not possible at this time when it is naturally suspicious.

– CTV files in Vancouver Island

A new study shows that the average waiting time for medical treatment in Canada is 19.8 weeks.

In British Columbia, waiting time grows more than three weeks in an average of 23.2 weeks.

According to the new study released by the Fraser Institute, it examines 12 prospective patient medical specialties. Family physicians consult with a specialist when the patient receives treatment.

During the province, this year's schedule was expected to have an orthopedic surgeon (57.2 weeks) and shorter oncology (6.0 weeks).

For the fifth consecutive year, the median of B.C.'s expectations have been longer than 20 weeks.

"Colombian Colombian patients need more than five months for treatment when needed – they should encourage policy-makers," said Bacchus Barua, Associate Director of Healthcare Policy at Fraser Institute and Waiting Your Turn, by Wait Times for Health Canada, 2018.

While the average waiting time rises to 26.6 weeks of last year, records continue to be in excess of 10.4 weeks in 1993, when the Fraser Institute began to wait earlier.

"It's time for politicians and politicians of Victoria and Canada to renew their obsolete policies in the long-awaited era," said Barua.

"The long waiting for medical treatment is not trivial matter, it can increase the suffering of the patients, reduce the quality of life and, in the worst case, cause disability or death."

The Ministry of the Environment's Ministry of the Environment has violated the offense of off-road vehicles and the use of snowmobiles by illegal offenses.

Effective immediately, anyone who will face off-road vehicles with sensitive habitats, including all BC Parks and southern mountain caribbean habitats, will face $ 575 fine. Tickets may be issued according to the Wildlife Act or the Park Law, police officers, conservation officers, natural resources or parks.

The fines were $ 230 or $ 345 before, according to the crime.

The ministry says that caribou is considered a species in danger, and its protective habitat is crucial for the survival of the species.

"Because ordinary vehicles are protected and restricted by protected nature, such as snowmobiles, it is the most effective way of protecting these areas and wildlife due to harmful recreational activities," says the ministry.

The Caribbean caravan habitats may be in jail for $ 200,000 and six months.

Meanwhile, if the driver of Ford Explorer faces possible forecasts, the SUV will become Kelowna wetland wetland in November.

The conservation agency Ken Owens told Castanet that he would be sentenced to a maximum of one million or three years in order to destroy a wetland.

December 4, 2018 / 11:50 | Story:

The police said the baby's newborn died in the hospital after a dumpster found in the mission last month.

The RCMP said that the baby was found in the landfill site of Fraser Valley on the 23rd.

The police said the baby was rushed to the hospital and was in a critical condition until he died until Thursday.

The police said the cause of death was still under investigation.

Mounties says the 21-year-old woman was arrested and she was released.

No charges were imposed.

December 4, 2018 / 11:03 a.m. | Story:

Several North Coast B.C. The First Nations claim that the Senate will not accept factors that are not part of the size of the oil in the region, since the fragile but rich sea economies will die.

The law would establish a law establishing a moratorium on water between 12.500 tonnes of crude oil that is transporting more than crude oil to the northern tip of Vancouver Island and Alaska.

Legislation passed the City Hall last spring and is now debating the Senate.

Heiltsu Nation's chief Marilyn Slett directs a delegation from Ottawa's leaders and elected leaders this week to overcome the lawsuit for the Senate.

Bill Alberta totally opposes the government, because it supposedly slows a full chance of transporting crude oil. Premier Rachel Notley has added her list of irritants among her provincial and federal government.

Because Slett's water distribution is difficult to navigate, one of the major emissions would be the end of its nation's lifestyle.

Monthly secondary posts were passed during the month of a 87-year-old Vancouver woman.

Mr. Surrey, Nicholls Dwayne Wallace, 23, killed Elizabeth Poulin, who was buried in the Kingsway apartment.

The Vancouver Police picked up the 911 call. On the 24th, after finding a body from the family.

Wallace was detained in Surrey two days later. The care remains.

Poulin, who was disabled, lived alone and was a victim of the assassination of Vancouver in 2018.

The four-year-old eight-year-old Teagan Batstone's body was found in the back of Surrey's car, when his father was worried about his safety over the years.

Nowadays, her mother is a New Westminster second-degree murder.

"The difficulty is to recover, but to be honest, I give it to my daily back, right?" Teagan has disappeared and will never return, "said Gabe Batston on Tuesday at CTV News Court.

Batston told the court and the mother of Teagan shared Lisa's custody of children, but Lisa was sometimes in communication.

"Because you think the best interest in the child is maintained, but we are definitely worried about the years we are worried about," he said.

Dad said Provisional custody in the temporary custody of Teagan attempted Lisa Lisa to commit suicide in 2012.

Crown arrested Teagan and was murdered by resentment from the father of the girl.

– CTV with Vancouver files

The new TransLink compass bracelets are already making big shotguns.

Hand bracelets were introduced a few hours ago on Monday, selling Craigslist.

TransLink would charge $ 6 for reimbursement of pockets, but this amount will be sold up to 10 times, CTV News reports.

Only 2,000 wrists were initially released, and TransLink says February will be made before the manufacturer is available.

But, taking into account 500,000 pilots, Metro Vancouver's daily transportation system has become hot. Only three hours left to sell on Monday mornings.

The wrists have chip chips that allow riders to travel to the system.

– CTV with Vancouver files

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