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Report: Thanks to Facebook, important technology access emails, friend lists


Report: Thanks to Facebook, important technology access emails, friend lists

On Tuesday night, New York Times The amazing news about Facebook reveals that the company "has provided some of the world's leading technology companies to intrusive access to user data, which is why they are related to the usual privacy rules."

After the news on Facebook after publishing a massive Facebook report, it has been revealed that Facebook's 50 million people have been attacked by the token of access to a few weeks and less than a month ago Facebook had access to user data. All scandals are on the Cambridge Analytica debacle. In June 2018, in a written testimony of Facebook's lawmakers, CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared two days before the United States Senate.

The newspaper mentioned "hundreds of pages" in internal documents, which was not published.

Asa as Times du:

Explosive growth was driven by more Facebook users, rising advertising revenue. Partner companies get new features to make their products more attractive. Facebook users on different devices and websites connected with friends. But Facebook also assumed power over its personal information of 2.2 million users, under the control of little or no control under external control.

Facebook enabled Microsoft's Bing search engine to see the names of almost all the users, show logs, and show Netflix and Spotify the ability to read Facebook's messages privately.

Jennifer Valentino DeVries, a Times According to the story, there was no reporter, tweeted:

For the TimesThese seemingly left-out partners are still persisting with the contact details of their friends through friends, although in 2014 Facebook said it was over. Sony, Microsoft, and Amazon were named by companies with this capability.

"Some of the largest partners, including Amazon, Microsoft and Yahoo, have said they have used the right data, but details of the discussions have been discussed," said the newspaper.

This new revelation, which Facebook recently reveals, is that Facebook has tight access to payment privileges by 2015. In April of 2014, Facebook modified the previously authorized graphical API. Social media giants reduce some data access and delete the access version earlier June 2015.

From now on Times& # 39; Reporting, Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) tweeted his frustration.

Facebook spokesman Katy Dormer does not mean giving a copy of the documents mentioned in the story of Ars. He did not respond to specific Ars questions, but two statements by both executives did not deny or deny it Times& # 39; Reporting.

"We know we want to restore people's trust," said Steve Satterfield, Director of Privacy and Public Policy at Facebook.

"Protecting people's information requires stronger teams, better technologies and clearer policies, and that's why we have been focusing since 2018. Partnerships are a focal point and, as we said, we are integrating partnerships to help people with Facebook access."

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