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Resident Evil 2 Leon is very thirsty

Resident Evil 2 Survival horror is a video game that you need to escape from the zombie-infested city. However, as we learned from the horror films of many teens, fear does not necessarily deny horniness.

Originals Resident Evil 2 It was published in 1998, among the best 100 triple-year trips of the year The Offspring's Pretty Fly & # 39; (White A Guy For). The mistakes were made that year, though Resident Evil 2 It was not one of them. The game got a lot of praise, and he immediately began to get into Franco's love.

Resident Evil 2 The decision was successful in itself, but it also began to enter the daytime white dog: Raccoon City Police Department, the most recently hired by Leon Scott Kennedy.

He is a graduate of the police academy, the 21-year-old Leon has only arrived at Raccoon City on the day of the rage of the zombie. Unfortunately, he's never been successful at the station after he died of the death of his new colleagues.

Leon has met the first world over 20 years ago, one of the worst jobs ever, and has become a well-known image of Resident Evil. However, this week he found a new hit Resident Evil 2 remake

When it was released on January 25, the remake updates the graphics of the game, updates its behavior and updates Leon Kennedy. OG Leon was a polygon-tastic floppy-haired noodle boy, on the shoulders riddous pads, 2019 Leon, the usual use to talk, "snack."

The new Leon focuses on the Romanian model Eduard Badaluta for facial searches. The players of thirteen and nine decades played part of Leon in the first playthrough, and although this figure was not thirsty, it was likely to be a factor.

People are pretty enthusiastic.

(Resident Evil 2) Leon + Noir Outfit = gaymers-ean

Some enthusiasts have gone further with the trenchcoat-wearing decoration that connects Leon with the T-00 nightmare, X. Resident Evil 2The T-00 is a horrible mass murder that Leon wants to kill the bulls. In the alternative reality of art, fiction and headcanons, these things are somewhat more complex.

It is nice to know that in this world of terrorism and uncertainty, the only thing that can bring humanity is bone need.

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