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Review of the New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe: Mario back with a blast of the past

Nintendo goes to 2019 with new style with Super Mario Bros. And Deluxe Switch. While it may be the 2012 Wii U port, most people have some great Wii U games, which is welcome for the Switch library.

When the Wii U arrived, it returned to the roots of our garden protagonist; 2D colorful, powerful and narrow world.

Mario, Peach and friends are doing a tea party, when Bowser and his Koopalings dastardly and our heroes flee to the other end of the world. Mario and his crew must return to the castle and save Peach princess.

This version of a Wii U version keeps the original fun

While the colorful stylization of modern title Mario is adapted, the graphics are a bit flat and they definitely show their age. While the HDs are, the lighting and shading update I expected a bit of Mario's title. However, it is important that the graphics are not bad, and the lack of any doubt is that they are hard-fought and like teens to die – it's not really removed from experience.

With a moving soundtrack and Super Mario Super Strings, you stick or hate it, but they're never so enthusiastic.

You can play as one of five characters. Mario, Luigi, or Toad, which is ever present, also plays Toadette in "easy way", better controlled by ice and underwater. It also converts Super Crown's power into Peachette. In this new evolved, Peach's Super Mario 2 jumps floating, but it's like a squirrel's wet outfit.

Toadette becomes Peachette

The last character Nabbit makes the game easier for the enemy to not do harm, it is better if the challenge is the youngest player. Another nice touch is that you have the opportunity to exchange on-screen characters on the map.

On the way, you will find plenty of power-ups. In this way, we give you fantastic skills, like Fireworks classics, which will come to you as P-Acorn fireballs, as it does for an indefinite flight.

The design of light and creativity, the unique potential of power plays well. The tested and tested formula is a bit safe. However, getting and playing the origin of this game is very easy with Switch, after it has been put into several levels.

The game also supports 4 players at the same time and multiplies the number of power ups. While somewhat chaotic, it's just fun for madness.

The character to be placed Nabbit is not damaged by enemies

Surprisingly, killing one stage returns to the world menu, forcing it to recharge its level, something much more puzzling in 2012, but 7 years later it feels its high bar switches in the platform.

At the time of the review, the game appears in eShop for the whole price, that is, a 2012 port is relatively easy, which does not add much. The game is great and I would like to see the most popular Wii U gaming library, but the price would be lower at the price, definitely, to get a better game proposal.

The game is distributed under the title New Super Luigi U, which contains some challenging levels (some of which allow you to use your Mii character), limited time and Luigi control scrolls.

The package is very new to the table and Mario is far from being a revolutionary experience. I am very pleased to see the Nintendo Wii U got rid of or have undergone some gems and give it a new life lease.

New games for Mario & # 39; new & # 39; Those who do not belong will not be affected

If you are a fan of a "new" series of Mario, there are not many platforming adventures or original ones that are dead, you will have little to do with this game. Convert and 2D platforms appear until 11, but & # 39; Deluxe & # 39; affix has justified difficulties.

Although it is not a vanguard of Super Mario Odyssey, the Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe platform is wonderful and fun, especially with friends.

Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Nintendo eShop is available at £ 49.99

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