Saturday , January 29 2022

RiceGum responds to complaints of scamming enthusiasts with amazonian codes


Popular YouTuber Bryan & # 39; RiceGum & # 39; It is rumored to be back that he supplied his fans as an offensive offensive to Amazon documents, it is likely to claim as an apology with the game's partnering.

RiceGum was allegedly deceived by Amazon fraud YouTuber's "Good Day Sir" video On January 6, they were summoned to the company's customer service office, claiming the four codes already claimed in May 2018.

Drama Alert Daniel & # 39; KEEMSTAR & # 39; Keem debated on the issue on 9 January, where he called the RiceGum scandal. According to KEEMSTAR, RiceGum denies all the claims made by the code released and demonstrated on Amazon's alleged message screen.

Drama alert

"Amazoni was wrong," said KEEMSTAR with his call with RiceGum. "He proved that the code was not proof."

RiceGum has made a statement on the subject through its social media accounts, YouTuber He remorsed his remorse with the involvement of his game and fraud with the new website, he admitted that he did not push his service to his younger audience.

RiceGum is not only in cold water, to share TheTuber brand, as Jake Paul promoted this site. Paul he's got a bad response to the reaction He warned his audience about the dangers of the game, and he achieved a broad analysis of his critics.

RiceGum talked more about the topic on the next Drama Alert event on January 10, 2011.

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