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Road race rackets? – Lead Stories without control over the use of a large number of charity inns / tours

Many organizations that are trying to collect funds, races and rides, have become the latest generators of the first call, but they are not regulated, there is no way in which any organization checks what happens when it comes to collecting money and how it is controlled and when they are held.

This has caused concern in several communities, has had at least two reports on the path to the last stage, where profits were made by the organization to still get a dollar.

Among those who were worrisome, Christopher Tufton, Minister of Health, has called for the strengthening of the Ministry's gift policy protocols, which include more than five-mile rides or journeys, as well as hospital funding fundraising initiatives.

"I am worried, and I have indicated that they have included this concern in the name of health and, in particular, in hospitals, they have been assembled and promoted, and I would ask for sponsors without a good level of transparency and governance, where they came from," he said.

"My concerns cause a request for a review of specific protocols on gift policy in the ministry," said Tufton Sunday mornings.

According to Tufton, while trying to reduce efforts by fundraisers, it wants more transparency.

"I am worried that there are a couple of cases, I am careful in addressing these concerns, because I do not want to be careful because they do not really seek and help with health, and in the case of 5ks, I think it's important for the promotion of physical activity," said Tufton .

Organizers on these roads / walkways should generally get a number of agencies to take up this event. It includes police and local authorities. The Ministry of Health requests to provide ambulance services.

"From this point of view, I would like to get permission and get to formally host the event. As I have said, I would like to say that for the reasons that encourage and help these events, ad hoc"said Tufton.

In general, he emphasizes, in many cases, people who are making money to protect organizations and not using the cause for money.

"We want to promote philanthropy, we want to help promote health systems in any country in the world, even in developed countries, can not survive or not survive, but only in government allocation or even pay private service.

"There is always a solid component or basic component of the gift, foundries, charities, NGOs," said Tufton.

"In my opinion, I have a strong partnership, although I want to encourage, at the same time, we do not think anyone is thinking of abusing the process, so I think we need a protocol," added Tufton.


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