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Rob Kardashian looks like a strange look with the Christmas Family

Rob Kardashian and her daughter, Dream Rob Kardashian and her daughter, Dream | Robert Kardashian via Twitter

Although Rob Kardashian wants to avoid costs at all costs, he is sure to spend a good quality of time with his family!

An old star of reality has not been seen for some time, but has made some appearance when he took part in the Kardashian family's Christmas parties.

Rob participated in the Kardashian Christmas party

The holiday season was spent with the family and Rob Kardashian assured him that.

The Keeps with Kardashians Stares unleashed the appearance of Khloe Kardashian's sister's Instagram story this morning as the Kardashian clan opened Christmas presents.

Khloe Kardashian entered the room for the first time, showing gifts that were open. After a while, Kamloe revealed his camera to show up in Rob Kardashian while celebrating his two-year-old daughter's daughter.

Khloe got a few seconds of her nephew salon in the video, she could see herself in Rob Kardashian, kissing her daughter kiss.

"I'll just do a little dream, Rob, I'll just do that little dream. Christmas, dreamy, dream!" Said Khloe.

"Say Merry Christmas! You can say Christmas!" Rob's voice can be heard in the back.

Kardashian shared a picture of his girlfriend on Twitter, all Christmas wishes.

This is the first time that fans have seen Rob Kardashian for a year

As many Kardashian family fans know, Rob Kardashian has not seen at all.

That year, after a step by step reality of his family's reality, Kardashian kept himself up, losing all his expenses.

Rob Kardashian looks like a few days ago when his sister Khloe defended his privacy, a fan criticized his brother for not accepting access to a post at Instagram.

Khloe said: "My brother is my world! We can certainly not respect a real king to respect our privacy. You would not comment if you are not informed about our family."

Rob Kardashian decided to avoid the media, without criticism of the loss of his weight loss. The old star of reality was far removed from focus, while depression and diabetes struggling.

Over the past few years, Rob Kardashian has received a lot of negativity for his weight. Recently, he decided to lose weight and threaten his life.

"He warned that he did not lose weight, it could end up being a life or death, but since losing his weight and feeling much better," said Rob Kardashian from the source. "He has been working regularly with a coach and has changed his shape, which really looks like old Rob."

Rob Kardashian and Kris Jenner With Rob Kardashian and Kris Jenner Kardashians E!

Rob Kardashian now maintains a clear, family always gives priority and when returning, the family of Kardashian will respect Rob's privacy.

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