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Robert De Niror starts again with Feudas with Donald Trump and calls it "nightmare".


Robert De Niror started a feudo for Donald Trumpi to name "nightmare".

The young US actor, who appeared on Saturday night on Saturday night, appeared in the US comedy show, Robert Mueller's special advice with Alec Baldwin along with Trump.

Mueller directs the Russian interferences investigation on the presidential campaign in 2016. The president dismissed the probe as "witch hunt".

Robert De Niro, Donald Trump, "Nightmare" (Evan Agostini / PA)

De Niro, the star of The Godfather Part II, Goodfellas and Casino, appeared on CNN on Monday to talk about his animosity.

He said: "I've never thought of my life, and I've seen a lot in my life, I never thought – when I was working with another coach on my day, we saw tremendous things over the years, but this is the worst thing I ever saw and ever thought, but it was real. "

In June, during the Tony Awards, De Niro took the stage and called "f *** Trump." The president replied with the Raging Bull "punching" and saying "a very small individual IQ".

On CNN Monday, De Niro was asked why he was the president.

He responded: "I know what kind of guy this is, I would never want a New Yorker, and he will be the president today. The reason I would not want to find that, because he is the same person.

President Donald Trump with Hollywood Actor Robert De Niro (AP Photo / Butch Dill)

"As we all know, there's nothing new, it's a bit wrong, but we've been through it, it's a nightmare that reminds you, I'm going to be my coach for five years now, and remember all that, how amazing it was, and at least the time all the time I saw it as a nightmare. "

The interviewer asked De Nirus if he thought he was playing Trump's hands.

He said: "No, although his answers, if he wants his reactions, are inane, and they are stupid, he does not mean he is smart or intelligent, so it does not matter to you, it's ridiculous."

In October, De Niro was one of the main challenges facing the president.

Police De Niroren Tribeca Producciones were called in Manhattan.

The discovery came after a bomb-filled bomb filled by Hillary Clinton, Former President Barack Obama, other Democrat leaders and CNNs were left without injuries.

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