Tuesday , May 18 2021

RollerCoaster Tycoon Ride From Hell lasts 12 years

Point RollerCoaster Tycoon It is a successful themed park. Usually, people go back with fun attractions, such as roller coasters, and load large margins in food and drinks. A player took out the box office logic and most of the park decided to make a real nightmare abomination: 12-year or 30-million-day game, depending on the time spent.

Marcel Vos is a roller coaster mastermind, whose YouTube channel brings out all that's extravagant cReactions based on the source version RollerCoaster Tycoon 2. It was the record label of "Mina urteak" recently shared on Twitter according to EurogamerMatthew Reynolds and surely most of the patient's patients should be avoided. The rider participates in the continuous Vos mission to try out the longest roller coaster ride possible. Its previous record was only 232 days. So how did a giant leap forward?

In the video, Vos has been able to distinguish two strategies to face the new imprint. The first is a small roller coaster that approves the maximum authorized number of cars, divided into 31, 32 individual split sections. Cars can move around when the section in front of them is clear, it brings ongoing stops and stops. A second roller coaster takes the other place on the map, and has a single car at a minimum speed.

Catching a small coaster car carries the high mountain from the mountain and a large mountain moves only once at a single port, the maximum limit of access to the game with 20 returns. A small equipment is similar to what makes a great gear; In this case, it is the smallest mountain that is expected, and it takes a longer period of 12 seconds and calculates for a couple of hundred days if you calculate everything.

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