Monday , May 10 2021

Rumor: Universal Studios canceled the Pokémon and Zelda Theme Park attractiveness plans

Pikachu belt

Last April, the Universal Studios rumor started Pokemon As soon as the Orlando Park 2020 is. We are now proposing and floating plans for this park Legend of Zelda The attraction may be temporarily separated for at least four years or permanently frozen.

According to an update by Theme Park University, one of the original rumor sources was never formally announced, Universal has recently decided to cut off the amount of Nintendo content in its theme park in Orlando, rather than continuing with the initial idea that the Project is three times lower.

Nintendo's presence is supposed to match Harry Potter's appeal. Likewise, the participatory risk factor has also participated in the decision after the fast-paced and fast-paced Attraction, but despite the fact that it is based on one of the most important film-making films.

The sources say how Universal Studios Orlando and The Lost Continent attracts Kidzone now, instead of replacing it. Nintendo's latest official versions, so far, opening Universal Studios Japan in 2020 Mario Kart Attraction in the Nintendo section.

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