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Russian researchers successfully maintain texture in living space

3D printing has been used in the medical industry, we have seen 3D print cartilage and the technology used in cranial implants. Nowadays, Oleg Kononen's Russian researcher has successfully achieved 3D printing living tissue, but here is the shooter: Kononen's researcher is not only, but also a cosmonaut, and this 3D printout was done in space.

Using a 3D printer created by Invitro medical companies, Kononen was successful in the cartilage of human cartilage and a giant gland in 3D. As we have already said, the 3D cartilage printing process has been done earlier, but the purpose of this experiment is that microgravity in space can affect tissues and the development of the living organism, even if they are plans for future human spaces. , and finally, if we plan on one day in March.

This experiment was supposedly begun in October but, unfortunately, the bio-recorder Soyuz MS-10 had a booster failure to abolish the crew's mission. The Bordeaux cosmonauts fled without incident, but, unfortunately, they hurt biographers.

NASA wants to make biographical records started in 2019, but for now, Russia has been awarded the "first" title.

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