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Samsung accepts blame for workers' illness and death


SEOUL, South Korea – Samsung Electronics pardoned Friday for illnesses and the deaths of some workers, it has made a safe working environment in the presence of its computer and the factories are not displayed. Ads advertised by the giant Korean technology spent a few weeks a group of Samsung and a sick worker approached the compensation terms proposed by a broker and went on for more than a decade to finish a high advertising announcement.

The company's forgiveness was part of liquidation.

Kinam Kim, the chairman of Samsung's device solutions, said the company has "managed healthy threats" in its semiconductors and liquid crystal manufacturing lines. In the last decade of the Associated Press Reports, the ten laboratories that have worked in the laboratory have serious illnesses, such as leukemia and brain tumors.


The Samsung Electronics Co-operative Kim Ki-namek (L) presents a photo of his relatives of victims of work-related illnesses with semiconductors and LCD manufacturers in Seoul on 23 November 2018 after apology.

Jung Yeon-je / AFP / Getty Images

"We offer our sincere forgiveness to the patients and their families who have suffered their suffering," said Kim in a media outlet in Seoul, which also involved staff and family members.

But with the resolution of an agreement and the failure of security regulations, Samsung has not yet recognized the environment of its workplace as the cause of illness.

In 2007, Hwang Sang-gi tax was not allowed to accept a settlement, after a 23-year-old daughter died of leukemia after working on a Samsung factory. Hwang has made efforts to clarify the cause of Yu-mi's death and Samsung has continued to work on the conditions of work, and has made a wider move to preventing businesses and governments shielding security chips and display industries because they use large quantities of chemicals.

"There is not enough apology enough (considering recent fraud and humiliation over 11 years), pain for work-related illnesses, pain for loved ones," said Hwang. "However, today's vindication for Samsung Electronics has been committed," he said, to improve the safety of its workplaces.

According to Commitments, Samsung has compensated for the sick worker who has worked in its chips and LCD factories since 1984, earning 150 million leukemia ($ 132,000). This compensation also covers the growth of child labor and serious illnesses, such as cancer.

Since 2008, dozens of workers have been looking for work-related compensation compensation from the government. He rarely earned compensation, especially in court years. Half of the remaining claims are being rejected and half being analyzed.

Victim families have often saved and sell houses for hospital bills. Some workers disable it and they can not work.

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