Saturday , July 2 2022

Samsung Electronics manufactures pharmaceutical cancer cases


Samsung Electronics apologizes to workers who have worked with semiconductor factories after cancer personnel, to end the conflict over the last decade in the latest world chip machine.

"We thank the patients and their families for forgiveness," said Kim Ki-nam's co-operative cooperative.

"We do not manage health risks for our semiconductors and LCD factories."

Samsung Electronics is the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer and chipmaker and is the leading Samsung Group company, largely a family controlled conglomerate in South Economy.

It has been a major rise in the South to become the 11th largest economy in the world, but also has denounced political connections.

Lee Jae-yong, de facto leader, was the former chief of the Park Geun-hye, surplus-guilty, who had escaped the corruption scandal and was imprisoned for almost a year, until most of his convictions resumed appeal and were released.

Campaign groups say that 240 people have been suffering from work-related illnesses in the Samsung semiconductors and displaying factories, because they are dying around twenty.

According to predicted estimates for this month, Samsung Electronics will pay KRW compensation of € 150 million (€ 133,000) in each case.

It covers 16 types of cancer, other illnesses, malicious diseases and illnesses suffered by workers' children. Recruits can work on plants since 1984.

The scandal was created in 2007 in Suwon, southern, former Seoul and its family-owned manufacturers, according to their semiconductors and exhibitors manufacturers. The workers decided to diagnose or kill certain types of cancer.

Through court rulings and decisions, the Seoul's work social welfare agency and mediation committee continued over 10 years, when it was announced on Friday.

Hwang Sang-gi family leader, a 22-year-old daughter, died of leukemia in 2007, told reporters she was still happy.

But he continued: "Forgiveness honestly was not enough for the families of the victims, but we will accept it.

"It's not enough apology enough to cure all insults, injuries to industrial injuries and the loss of a family.

"I could not forget the pain and our family went. Too many people had the same fate."

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