With regard to the Samsung Galaxy S10 race, new information on the company's next wireless headphones has been created. The details are given by the FCC and Samsung Turkey, giving their name and an unbelievable appearance of a charging accessory. It is the heir to the Samsung Gear Gear Icon headset.

The first tricks of the reviews are sent through Reddit, as the users saw, they saw the page information on the "website's Turkish" "Galaxy Buds" page. This matches the Bluetooth SIG file of the device and makes a full sense of the brand, although until recently "Samsung Buds" was a mixture. Samsung applied to Samsung Buds trademark in September and still has a brand name, Galaxy Buds, the European Union Intellectual Property Office. In the US, however, only the Galaxy Buds trademark was registered (October 2018).

For the 29th of January of the FCC list, the certification, as is commonly the case, does not provide much more. However, it shows the bottom image of the charging case. The illustration shows an oval object (I expect a bit lower, higher than IconX upload case), aside from the loading port. It's not clear if it's a USB charging port, but if you're a USB port with the latest generation of IconX, it's probably probably that Samsung will be able to paste this option for your new wireless headphones.

We can expect from a few headsets: Bluetooth has confirmed a Bluetooth® 5.0 for the device, and from a leak SamMobile Galaxia Buds will offer an 8GB storage battery and better battery life. Probably, we will discover in a few uncompressed events in a galaxy decode, so stay there.