Samsung's C-Lab (Creative Lab) program launched in December 2012 to help conglomerate staff promote their creativity in out-of-work projects. In CES 2019, from January 8 to 11, 2011 in Las Vegas in 2019, C-Lab will present eight projects of new AI projects. From Zany (a smartphone case for recording ASMR content, anyone?) To mundane (a monitor stand trying to improve your work position).

While new C-Lab projects are kooky mobile phones, while "deeply related to our daily lives", "Inkuk Hahn (with no relationship), Samsung Electronics Vice President and Creative and Innovation Center," Electronics. This is a stretch, but here, Samsung's CES 2019 is an unexpectedly fast review for innovation.

  • Tisplay Direct-to-player players offer live streaming videos for direct-looking players – they believe that advertisements advertised in real-time print creative t-shirts, in real time, for example. Samsung says that this is possible with computer vision and graphics technology.

  • Aim It is a mobile phone cover, equipped with faux human ear, to record the ASMR content, to do such things (ahem). In this case, the creators of these content "will improve spatial sound in terms of soundness," while Samsung is offering AI software to support sound quality.

  • MEDEO It uses scene detection to automatically adjust the background music and insert video effects into real time. Here AI technology also includes pre-recorded videos with videos that are associated with the words they hear, so the creator can record them on the video.

  • Prismit AI is a news analyzer that creates timeline for better understanding of time-bound topics for readers. Instead of referring to the "most popular" topic or topic, this service will show five articles according to its clustering technology.

  • Perfume Blender Users allow their own custom aromas to be created, their favorite perfumes only for the photo uploader application, and examine the components of each one to recommend a personalized "recipe".

  • Girin Monitor Stand It automatically adjusts based on the user's current position. Because the head of the user's head, neck and shoulder positioner moves the monitor, the smart stand can better understand its users' attitude.

  • alight The C-Lab project is another research or work. AI technology directs the lighting of the lighting according to what is seen in the camera's embedded device. Along with this application, the analysis history reports and time-lapse videos will also be created.

Samsung will also provide C-Lab spin-off startups for eight to showcase commercial products: MOPIC (3D content capture and capture enabled phone cases), LINKFLOW (360 portable camera across the neck), lululab (AI skincare assistant), WELT (activity tracking belt), Cooljamm company (automated music producer loaded videos), MONIT (smart baby care hub), BLUEFEEL (hand-held air purifier and fan) and plus analog (smartphone hinges helmet).

Samsung successfully accepts a worker who takes a C-Lab project into the startup business by offering growth money and business advice. This type of support and a stage like CES are, without a doubt, the pleasing gift of "graduates".