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Sandra Oh, made changes and Golden Globes memorable


You can say that the Golden Globes will be completed in the 2019 edition, providing a night of surprise, with great and deep sense.

This year, from the start (show), the business returned, with the red carpet, with a rainbow colored rebel, to the charts and sardonic options that went to the Old Fashion range.

It was a great side of last year's gala. As Harvey Weinstein and #MeToo show their first major awards, the show last year was famous and clear. The annoying and well-lubricated event of the annual Beverly Hilton Hotel is anomalies.

Equality, diversity and inclusion were kept for another year, many winners of the night were accepted in the speech acceptance. (Think Regina King wants to be at least half of the workers to be women in the next projects).

But this year's star researchers have sharpened this year. So how did the Hollywood Foreign Press Association return to its celebrated celebrations? And what were the most memorable nights, meme-deserves and weak?

Oh Canada!

The back went back to Canada thanks to the improved training session, on Friday night at the Globes concert on Sunday night, Sandra Oh stood out tonight. Of course, Andy Sandberg had a host and was amazed, and the roommate of the nominees.

But the past winner of the Globes (2006) Gray's Anatomy) It goes well with a bit of sharp points, including an admission Crazy Rich Asians Dress in Hollywood in the usual hole and hand-made grape holes A star is bornLady Gaga.

Sandra Oh will perform the show with actor and comic artist Andy Samberg. (Mike Blake / Reuters)

At the same time, it was surprisingly emotional when it decided to accept the hosting historical hosting: Oh, Asian heritage and the Canadian Prime Minister, who will serve as MC.

"I said tonight the fear of being in this stage, to see what I want to be here and to move it at this time. I'm not deceiving myself. The following year may be different. It will probably be, but right now it's real " He said, looking at the audience According to announcements, the list of candidates is more complete.

"Trust: this is genuine, because it is what I see, and I see you, all the faces of this change, and now everyone else will have it."

Later, Oh, he was one of the most intimate admirers of the best actress who won the award for best actress. Eve to die. In his father's prayer ("Oh Daddy!") Thanks to his parents and English, the Canadian stars surely got a lot of viewers reaching a hundred.

Cultural Announcements

Oh, it was not just her family and culture shouting. Fellow winners Darren Criss (The murder of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story) and Alfonso Cuaron filmmakers (Rome) Likewise, the representation and the influence of family and loved ones were discussed while accepting the distribution of awards.

Darren Criss earned her reward for the murder of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story. (Mario Anzuoni / Reuters)

"This has been a Hollywood representation that was a wonderful year and I am very proud to be a small councilor, who was a son of a Philippine filmmaker, who was dreaming of this country," said Criss. The best actress in a limited series won her mother.

"Mom, I know you are watching. Most of the good things in my life are very responsible."

For his part, Cuarón's film director said, in reality, he said his universally-praised drama Rome "he directed [his childhood nanny] Libo, my mother, my family and perhaps most important … I created and created a very complex laboratory. Thank you, Mexico. "

Earlier, Cuaron also thanked his family and Mexico for "accepting specific colors that allowed me" RomeBest Foreign Language Film.

Netherworld name verification

Maybe an afternoon thank you very unusual? Christian Bale came to see who wrote the demon as a source of inspiration to play Dick Cheney Vice.

Change calls

Beale Street could not speakRegina King retrieves the show on some of Hollywood's long-term issues, and directs part of her admission to everyone who talks about celebrities of our "soapboxes".

"That's why we make our microphones are too big and we talk about everyone", since it was premiered by the best winners of the best actress, since all projects have a female staff of 50 per cent.

"Nobody brings anyone who places power, not just in our industry, in every industry," you can challenge yourself and do it equally. "

As Regina King saw NBC's image, she said she is pushing for a woman who works in her productions, and has also strove for others. (Paul Drinkwater / NBC / Associated Press)

Feminine empowerment was also the subject of Glenn Close, an impressive emotional and best-acting award for a drama film. Wife. Initially, the title of the film could be why "he was 14 years old", the veteran on the screen had a challenging call.

"I'm thinking of my mom, she really recognized me in my life all the way. And in the 80's, I said," I feel nothing I can achieve "… We need to find a person's fulfillment. We must follow the dreams of saying" I can do this ". We have it and "I need to do it".

Producing Brad Simpson, the best-known Golden Globe series on stage The murder of Gianni Versace: American Crime StoryHe handed out another artificial arm to say a little under the voice.

"We have to offer people who do not like the artists and people who are new voices, telling stories that we have not told, human beings had to face the streets, fight against the votes and practice love and empathy in our everyday life," he said.

Wakanda Forever

Many online, gigantic box office and shouting at the cultural phenomenon Black panther An evening stood out.

However, after the film, he was snubbed, turning tide.

Go to Bohemian Rhapsody

He struggled with production problems, made mixed journals (his only star was an exception) and some fled to read the story directly, Bohemia Rhapsodydouble win (best drama film, best actress in drama film) and a closer TKO much more advanced A star is born maybe it was stuffed with nightly uppercase.

Bohemia RhapsodyThe amazing wins of the Globe came with Mike Watson from Canada, and he came to the movie.

"This Queen's experience, for me personally, is annoying," Myers retreated. "I'm definitely happy."

Carol Burnett's sweet word

In the end, what award ceremony would be a tribute (or two!). My dear Jeff Bridges became a truth speech, Dude-worthy words, a small screen legend Carol Burnett offered a bit of nostalgia.

The humility of 85 years – apart from being a "toy", the father of the television series's new achievement awards was extremely important, as well as being the first woman to organize a series sketch show, two Emmys with more than a dozen and a decorative decorative television decorated with Golden Globe, According to Steve Carell.

Although, at times, the young man wanted to catch himself, he could do it again, Burnett said that today's producers will never set a show, establishing a show like its name, with 28 pieces of live orchestra, 12 dancers and 65 dress in the week Carol Burnett Show She worked for 11 seasons.

"So here and play it on YouTube," he said.

"I'm very happy when our show happened and I was able to look again and say again." I'm glad we were together at this time, "he said, repeating his theme song of his show, showing a wonderful look at his brand's ear and plenty of audience.

Carol Burnett, who had a great honor in her years of work, said "she was happy when our show happened." (Mario Anzuoni / Reuters)

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