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Sarah Hyland's modern family came up with her "very, very, very close" to end his life

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Note: discusses the following articles, including some suicide who may find confusion among readers.

Modern family Actress Sarah Hyland was "very, very, very close" to take his life.

The actress Haley Dunphy opened a new interview about her health problems in recent years The Ellen DeGeneres ShowHe described 16 surgeries throughout his life, including numerous kidney transplants.

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However, he acknowledged that he had the pain he had taken for his mental health toll and he considered ending his life.

Modern Family Sarah Hyland at Ellen DeGeneres Show

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"Amazing work, I have a wonderful support system, but … After 26 years, I was only 27 years old and I was always ill and with chronic pain in a single day, you do not know the next good day. It really is very difficult", remember yours.

"I wrote letters in my mind about why I did it and why I did my reasons, how no one was blameless and did not write it on paper, I did not find anyone I wanted. That was serious."

DeGeneres asked the actor how he had to take his life, saying Hyland: "I was very, very, very, very close".

Sarah Hyland Lisa, Dirty Dancing


However, Hyland indicated when the turning point came when he heard someone say: "Finally, I said someone and someone was loudly told me:" I have to see a therapist. I think that I have to see a therapist again, "And they have been like this:" No, no, why do you see it? ".

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"When I said nothing, they liked it:" Oh, you have to see a therapist, "and when it was," Okay, I do not think you'll help me. "

"I think I should really do this by myself and really digging more and looking for souls," and I just said it was loud enough to help me keep it in one month and a month at the same time and loudly say it helped. "

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He added: "I did not know anyone because I knew that because they knew it was closed, they would try and convince me."

Hyland also said that they expected their story to help others look for help and said: "If you have all the people with anxiety or depression or with suicidal thoughts, each individual is different, so I would not do anything. I say it.

"I share my story, but I think speaking and speaking aloud makes it almost ridiculous and that everything becomes a perspective."

Anyone who identifies the issues raised in this article will reach us. Organizations that offer help in the Samaritan 116 123www.samaritans.org), and Mind 0300 123 3393 (www.mind.org.uk) In the US, readers are encouraged to contact National Suicide Prevention National Security Phone 1-800-273-8255 or visit American Suicide Prevention Foundation.

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