Monday , May 16 2022

Scientists Finding The Rare Ocean of the Seismic Indian Ocean – Report



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The seismic signal was initially sourced by scientists, apparently, the product of an underlying volcanic activity, such as street inflation or deflation, or the lower magma movement of the sea shore.

A dedicated seismologist ultimately managed to reveal the strange seismic event surrounding Mayotte. A French island between the Peninsula of Africa and Madagascar in the Mozambique Channel

Earlier in November, scientists stopped discoveries of low frequency tremors when they discovered "seismic rumors about the planetary earthquake".

And now, an independent consultant seismology named Anthony Lomax said Daily Mail's rumors "caused a low level underwater volcanic eruption in northeastern Mayotte".

"The inflation / deflation and collapse of volcanoes, and the magma movement beneath a volcano, can generate many seismic signals, including long-term and repetitive waves, as seen on November 11," explained Lomax.

Enigmatic rumors were detected earlier on November 11, causing low-frequency waves to be caused by milletous sensors, outside the original location, but at the same time noticed by the local population.

In May and November this Mayotte island was affected by low-level earthquakes and, on May 15, reached the highest level of 5.8.

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