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Scientists have discovered a new parasitic wasp spider zombie


University of Columbia Science University

In the Amazonian equator, a recently discovered wasp is becoming a regular spider in a lonely and whirlwind zombie.

The spider's species, Anelosimus eximius, Build up with hundreds of depleted vessels with thousands of friends. It is considered as a "social spider" because it shares hunts, parents, and nutritional obligations in cooperation with other spider chambers.

That is, until one Zatypota The parasitid wasp raises an egg in his stomach.

When the egg goes through the egg yolks, a larva is formed, it spins the spider and feeds it on it, surviving the wrinkles like hemoglobin blood. At this time, the behavior of the spider varies and larva becomes a slave, since its nest moves away from the toilet to create a hat-shaped web.

Larva feeds the spider fever in the relative security of the cocoa-like web, the host built before its hat-spinning, and, finally, it was beautiful, like a real wasp.


Philippe Fernandez-Fournier noticed the behavior of the strange spider and began to investigate. Exclusive Anelosimus They usually do not neglect the nest, but saw a crawl to complete a new website, it was intrigued.

His research, published in Ecological Entomology, suggests the larvae Zatypota The beef species can handle its hospitality activity, it controls its behavior and forces them to build these unusual networks – and it can be the most advanced behavioral handling ever seen.

Fernandez-Fournier and his research group suspect that changes in spider behavior affecting the "former dispersal program" … seems to be as big as control of the brain, or that spider is killed by spiders to find food in the periphery of the child, when they come out, They usually use non-standard networks.

In the animal kingdom, the ability of wasp bugs is not new. Other spider species, such as Orb Weaver, have not become a wasp farmer There are types of wasps that make cockroaches, too much. However, the recently discovered beorm seems to appear before web-building and social behavior of particular spider specimens much earlier.

How can lizard larvae be? The answer to this question is not easy to find, but several theories have been raised, such as hormone injection, when it explains the tendency to build hostile "moulting websites". The species of other parasitic beps makes the host's brains with a chemical location.

The researchers also found that the amount of spider colonies is the number of spiders that receive zombie treatment, with a larger colony that is more spotted by spiders. This may seem obvious, but it is also important to establish a dynamic between parasites and hosts, and the evolutionary development mechanism can also be more intelligent in the game, in a well-hidden, relationship.


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