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Scientists proclaiming gender-edited babies reports 2. Pregnancy


Marilynn Marchione, Associated Press

Published on Wednesday, November 28, 2018 6:37 AM EST

HONG KONG – A Chinese researcher says they helped the first genetically edited baby in the world during the second pregnancy.

He Jiankui researcher from Shenzhen gave a possible pregnancy on Wednesday at the first public commentary on Hong Kong's international congressional debates.

This month, she has announced the DNA virus of twin girls born to resist infections with AIDS virus. Scientists have condemned the experiment and scientists are investigating universities and government groups.

The second potential pregnancy is a very early stage and requires more time to be monitored to see if it will last, he said.

Scientists say, there are more causes for concern today and more questions than answers, after talking. The congressional leader called the "negligent" experiment and the scientific community did not regulate itself to prevent early DNA changes to DNA DNA.

It's very controversial before DNA changes or at conception because it can damage the changes and may impair other genes. It is prohibited in some countries in the United States, except for laboratory research.

He defended HIV recruitment, rather than an inherited illness, as a test for gene editing, and emphasized that girls could benefit from them.

"They need this protection because vaccines are not available," he said.

Scientists did not buy.

"This is a truly unacceptable development," said Jennifer Doudna, a Berkeley scientist in California and a CRISPR gene-editing tool. "I'm grateful that it has appeared today, but I do not think we heard a response. We still need to understand motivation."

It is paid by Doudna Howard Hughes Medical Institute, which is also approved by the AP Health and Science Department.

"I feel more bored now," said David Liu Harvard and the MIT Broad Institute, and the inventor of the genetic variation of the genre's editing. "It's an invaluable example of a hopeful technology that is highly beneficial to society, and it's never a great deal of expectation."

Confirmation is not confirmed and has not yet been published in the scientific journal, where experts would study. In his speech, his work paid off or denied the inclusion, as a way to ensure that the participants understood their potential risks and benefits and how they kept their job secretively.

After talking, David Baltimore, a Nobel Laureate in the California Technology Institute and a leading speaker, said the work "would still be fraudulent", because he did not believe that scientists agreed for a number of years before the editing of genes. playing.

"I do not think it was necessary to be personally medically necessary," says Baltimore, "the selection of diseases that pressurize HIV in this way in ways that prevent this infection is increasing.

"The case that proves the failure of the scientific community's self-regulation has been said," said the committee's meeting and will make a statement on the future of the topic on Thursday, said Baltimore.

Before speaking, Dr. George Daley, a dean of Harvard Medical School and one of the organizing conferences, told the experiment. In fact, because in the first case it may be wrong, "I think it would not, I think, will continue to stick to the bottom and not take into account very positive aspects of a very responsible means," said Daley.

"Scientists who are absurdly … make a deep and profound cost to the scientific community," Daley said.

Regulators have begun to rapidly break the experiment and non-scientific.

The National Health Commission has mandated local officials in the Guangdong province to investigate their actions and is investigating the employer of the University of South China Science and Technology.

On Tuesday, Qui Renzong, a Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Academy, criticized the decision, saying "our agenda would not be", until independent experts have reviewed it. Whether it violates reproductive laws in China clearly; Who said, but he said: "The problem is, there is no punishment."

The United Nations called on them to call a meeting to discuss genetic meetings to promote an international agreement to be well-off.

In the meantime, scientists were increasingly told by the scientists because they were unaccountable and what they knew or suspected.

Dr. Matthew Porteus, a researcher at the Stanford University Genetics where he undertook postdoctoral research, said he intends to test the human genome release in February. Porteus said he did not recommend it and said "it was negligent, that the genetic editing area could endanger the horsemen in fashion."

Dr William Hurlbut, a Stanford label, has said "spent a lot of time" when he talked about two years ago about genetics that could be appropriate.

"I knew his early work, I knew where he was going," Hurlbut said. When he was four or five weeks old, he did not say he was pregnant and tried with pregnant embryos, but "alleged rotting," Hurlbute said.

"Discuss the notion of going beyond the general consensus of the scientific community," Hurlbut said. Science is not ready or sufficiently secure, "it creates misunderstanding, discrepancy, and distrust."

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