Monday , January 24 2022

Sealed stamps through the streets of Roddickton


Some neighbors from a northern village in Newfoundland are afraid of the seals of land seals, but warn them to stay away.

Roddickton's Brendon Fitzpatrick said the stamps were seen in October, but in recent weeks, animals were taken to town, sometimes in the middle of the road.

Images from Fitzpatrick's Twitter feed show the stamps dragged on the streets of the town, to swim in the riverbank and raise a snow-bank near the gas station.

"It catches people, people stop and watch motorcycles every day, and animals will not move for you," he said on Monday.

Fitzpatrick has seen two or three groups and more than 20 animals and has expressed concern that animals could injure vehicles or strange audiences.

The ice has been frozen, since it is almost impossible to swim in the open ocean.

Fitzpatrick said the Ministry of Fisheries hopes to raise weight and bring ships to the ocean.

"Nobody likes to see something trapped in the place," said Fitzpatrick, a former hunting and fishing guide, in a conversation.

"The fishing departments do not ask if they want to survive or why they want to get something out".

The stamps are pre-branded & # 39;

The Department of Fisheries made a statement that, while controlling the situation, the sea-watering of ships is illegal and dangerous.

"Seals are not the savages that can occur beforehand, and they can be aggressive to protect themselves. In rare cases, stamps are transmitted to humans who carry infections," read the statement.

"We would like to remind people of the desire of people who do not disturb maritime mammals, and a human interaction can confuse normal animal life processes and cause death or death."

What to do

Fitzpatrick said that this law places citizens, in spite of the fact that they are often hurt by public seals.

"It's hard to leave it sometimes. It might be your crossroads," said Fitzpatrick.

"People are worried to touch them, approaching oneself and taking them on the roads, do not know if the Fishing Department charges them, if they come."

Brendon FitzPatrick said the stamps are likely to be in the miller's mouth for several weeks and are worried they are starving. (Brendon FitzPatrick / Twitter)

Last year, Newfoundland Beach discovered a charming viewer a few years later.

At that time, officials from the Fisheries Department warned us that the stamps should be scared and disturbed.

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