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Sean Waltman has left Dean Ambrose and Hideo Itami WWE

This week, X-Pac 1-2-360, Sean Waltman discussed Dean Ambrose and Hideo Itami outings with WWE. The veteran fighter debated the Royal Rumble event.

Check out some of the highlights below:

Why WWE Announced Ambrose Quit:

You do not like to dismiss such a person. Do not be embarrassed or humiliated because you want to return. It's like a statement made to WWE. Many people say: "Oh, this must be the work, they are never and they say this kind of thing," this is another time and Dean Ambrose is not the best place where you want a talents in your lucky future efforts "because you want to get back at a moment At times, Dean Ambrose came back from the beginning, looks good, his whole game was on the point, each party was on the point, it will appear on AEW or he will only find himself.

On Itami demands a release:

In my opinion, at the time, with the WWE, no one had more than a removal. As it is reasonable, pound is the best pound in the world. That's the kind of word you've heard. I'm just thinking, it's a good performer, everyone likes it, you do not hear anything bad, behind or any other issue. What is bad luck?

The thoughts of Nia Jax being a Royal Rumble for Men:

The answer was mostly positive, but we know that the usual suspects hated it. I thought it was great. People were really uncomfortable, but they were still uncomfortable. They can not fault the feelings of people seeing things. You want to accept it, but you can also use the most people you can take for a while. And sometimes you know that these things are about ourselves and we are not comfortable with our past. And how have we been to women? Therefore, there may be different reasons for such things to be felt in a certain way.

Lesnar vs. Rate match:

His role was so credibly fine, and Brock's sales and things have always been, since 2002, when he reached the top of the list, I agree. The guy seems to be "invincible". armor whistle Any fan, any great monster has to be armor, right? That way, when the armor was tidy, you know the corner of the desk's desk and the only way to work is compelling and it looks good, okay? Bottom line I mean people like me to embed myself with me, "Oh, a joke." You can say, "Oh, I do not like how it works," or "I do not like it or that," but you're not giving up on credit for joking.

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