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Sebastian Giovinco: & # 39; I would at least be less in Toronto & # 39;

Toronto FC made Wednesday night Former MVP sold Sebastian Giovinco to the Al-Hilal Saudi.

Now new Post Instagram From the outer star, both sides do not respect the division.

"As I have always maintained, I hope to renew my contract and finish my career at a city that feels like home," wrote Giovino. "Unfortunately, our will has hit TFC management with the current change in direction, but I asked for the extension of my contract in these two years.

"Recently, I refused to use the term 2020, which I thought was unacceptable. I can say that I have been able to tackle more profits, but this is not the case. It's a clear message of lack of transparency and offerings. Management seems to prefer to win focus on things that are not intended.

"After growing the brand and raising TFC overall reputation both at home and abroad, I no longer serve a goal. I would rather not go into Toronto, so I gladly announce that my tenor has finished as a TFC player."

Giovinco had a year with his contract with Toronto FC after his transfer, and it is believed that he has signed a one-year contract for Al-Hilal for three years, US $ 11.5 million.

At the age of 32, he made 7,115 million league matches in 2018, and sources told Sportsnet that John Molinaro Giovino had signed an extension of the same value with Toronto, but the club has taken less.

Giovinco's Serie A Club Juventus has contributed to the transfer of 2015 to achieve the most successful TFC history. He was a star of the TFC club, he was born in the basement of the MLS Cup and won 73 seasons and 57 seasons in 125 season 125 and in four seasons.

"Work hard, passion and determination with my teammates and TFC have transformed and become one of the best MLS and North American clubs," Giovinco wrote in Instagram. "The trip experience has been great for my family and for me.

"I can certainly say I wanted to finish it differently."

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