Monday , August 15 2022

Second Big Asteroid could break the Earth's surface in 2023, NASA warns


Big Ben can break the huge asteroid that doubles in two-dimensional space for five years, NASA warns.

The Asteroids, called 2018 LF16, is expected to affect our planet on August 8, 2023.

Fortunately, this option is very small, NASA announced an announcement of 99.9999967 percent.

Asteroid 2018 is a LF16 700ft (213m) gauge, roughly the same as the London Big Ben Clock Tower, or the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge.

Although the chances of falling ashore from the earth are low, it does not have widespread destruction.

A second object would have a power of 50 Megaton, equivalent to the nuclear Czar Bomb.

The European Framework Agencies explained: "Many asteroids are very large and would cause major destruction to destroy the earth, but our estimate of the population of our Solar System is relatively low, with more than 90% of them found, no one at all.

"Some are very small, less than 10m in diameter, of which only a small portion of the approximate population is found, but it would be unjustifiable.

"The main challenge comes from medium-sized objects, with a diameter of one hundred cubic meters in diameter."

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