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Sector coach Mike McCarthy


Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy and coach Joe Philbin turned out to be an offensive coordinator.

Mark Murphy, chairman of the group, announced that he lost his 20-17 loss on Sunday after losing 20-17 in Arizona Cardinals, losing Green Bay 4-7-1.

Murphy said in the 2018 season that "he had no expectations and standards in Green Bay Packers, it is difficult for Mike McCarthy to relocate himself as a coach to be effective."

Murphy said the next hiring training contract would begin immediately.

McCarthy was in his 13th position as a coach. Packers won the Super Bowl in the 2010 season with McCarthy. He scored a record of 125-77-2.

"Mike was a great coach and Packers was the leader in 13 seasons, which was very successful at that time," Murphy said.

For the third consecutive year, Green Bay has struggled.

In 2016, when Packers was 4-6 years old, he won eight games to win the NFC title, losing Atlanta Falcons. Green Bay finished 7-9 and lost the playoffs in 2017, when Aaron Rodgers lost a long way with a modest road.

A fan of Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy is targeted in the second half with a signal targeted against Arizona Cardinals. (Jeffrey Phelps / Associated Press)

McCarthy managed to shake his team of coaches, including Philbin's offensive as the coordinator and Mike Pettine, as a defense coordinator for Dom Capers. Problems arose.

This year, Rodgers wounded his left knee for the season, but now he feels better. Randall Cobb and Geronimo Allison have lost time with injuries. The same reasons arose because of the breach, mostly clear, third holes and broken plays.

Rodgers asked after the game, but McCarthy's shot was predicted before. How many players had to make a blame Packers had to change the workout after the season.

"Yes, most likely. We did not act very well," Rodgers said. "We are going to take part in the disappointments and failures we have had during this season, we have had many opportunities as we are not starting to play in a series of games."

Cobb's return on Sunday did not help, with third-party third Packers.

Rodgers repeats

"I want to repeat myself, but it's applicable … We're not running in the right way," Rodgers said.

"It's foul, it's not the same in the receiver's page, the wrong depth, the protection," he added. "We all participate, and we all took our time to mix down the third level."

The inauguration of the fourth quarter was an excellent example of offensive wars in Green Bay. Rodgers made a 36-yard lead in third and third place, but Jason Spriggs was sent to punish the right-wing striker.

Rodgers said his vision was to get his teammates "to play with pride" and focus on the next four games.

"Yes, I do not even think about it for the moment," said Rodgers, after the season, Brian Gutekunst or Murphy, general manager, or Murphy's directors.

The aggressive player, said Rodgers, is guilty of what happens in the future.

"Yes, most likely," he said. "We did not play very well".

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