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See SpaceX launches the largest satellites with a rocket used twice


On Sunday afternoon, SpaceX will create 64 small Southern California satellites through the Falcon 9 rocket. SpaceX has been launched in several ways. This is not only the first time that the company will fly the rocket for the third time, that is, the single largest flight space in the United States landing area.

Spaceflight Industries co-ordinated the massive ride quota, which drives the rocket operators' merchandise. Normally, Spaceflight will help bring small satellites to the orbit, finding more room for an additional vehicle that is already launching a larger space in space. But SpaceX's next launch, known as the SSO-A mission, was kept in Spaceflight by Falcon 9 in 2015. Since then, Spaceflight has 35 companies, research organizations, schools, and artists from all over the world.

"Usually, we buy excessive capacity, and this is to meet the demands of our small satellite customers," explains Curt Blake, CEO of Spaceflight, the CEO of the service group The Virgin. "And, above all, we had to go on a model to launch a whole vehicle to meet the request we are buying." First, 71 satellites were planned to fly, but some operators did not start to face it.

It is not the first time a great crop of small satellites has been launched. In February 2017, an Indian PSLV rocket launched 104 satellites in the orbit, and these large-scale pilot vehicles have become more common in recent years. However, it is a great commitment to avoid this kind of role because it requires a lot of coordination with all the participating agents. "The whole thing is super, well-planned, what you can imagine," says Blake. "By doing different satellites and doing different procedures, you need to make sure that all the certainty is working. Make sure you have all the pieces together."

Infographic distribution of client SSO-A.
Image: Spaceflight Industries

The spaceflight mission is the name of the paid pile of the heart. It is a great device that catches all of the aircraft satellites, and then extends into space. The SSO-A stack is 20 meters high and is 10 meters wide. Spaceflight has been working for this battery for two years, adapting to the needs of its clients. The main priority is that each satellite is placed in a pile at the right time, in order to reach their orbit and not enter into space with each other. "There are a lot of satellites, sequenced, in a way that I've done hundreds of simulations to ensure that we're not realizing all these satellites," says Blake.

Some concerns have arisen when all of these satellites spread through the rocket. T.S. Kelso, head of the satellite tracking service called Celestrak, Spaceflight does not offer adequate information on deployment sequences, which are satellites. However, Spaceflight has said that the Space Operating Space Combined Center (CSpOC) is underway, responsible for tracking the satellites of the US military. In the last nine months, Spaceflight has co-ordinated with its clients and CSpOC to provide data for determining each deployment.

"Spaceflight is a strong advocate for being in charge of space and is responsive," said Spaceflight spokesman. "We carry out several simulations and tests to do everything possible to successfully place in orbit loading. Once the loads have been opened, the operator is responsible for contacting and monitoring the satellite."

Then all payments charged to orbit in this flight are quite unique. A satellite will examine the color of oceans, determine the health of the planet's waters, and another will send algae into space to see how space environments affect these organisms. There are also some works of art. The County of Los Angeles County Museum of Art receives a 24-carat gold statue in honor of astronaut Robert Henry Lawrence Jr. The American artist Trevor Pagl will be launching Orbital Reflexor The project – the satellite will open a reflective globe on two long buses in space. The balloon reflects the sunlight, and it is clear that the sky goes through all night. Many astronomers did not sit well in a project, disturbing objects too worried by night-sky observations.

With regards to space, the best rocket running by SpaceX is still in use. The company places a Falcon 9 rocket for the first time in May and flies for the second time in August. After each aviation, the rockets landed on a ship of SpaceX ships, moving them back into space. This setup has been performed for the first time by SpaceX for the first time. SpaceX is now able to retrieve the latest version of its Falcon 9 fleet, known as Block 5. This vehicle version has been made in accordance with reuse, so that the land is easier to recover and then its mission is full.

Falcon 9 launched the most recent SSO-A lawyer in Merah Putih's mission in August.
Image: SpaceX

SpaceX reinvented the rocket after a mission on a drum vessel, so it is possible to fly the vehicle for the fourth time. The CEO of SpaceX Elon Musk should be able to fly 10 times for each block vehicle with minimal renovation.

He has taken some time to get the SSO-A mission from the Earth, SpaceX has had a lot of time to review the weather and to perform more rock-climbing checks. But finally, departure is scheduled for 1:31 p.m. on Sunday, December 2, from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. SpaceX will start the coverage of the event before 15 minutes before the expiration date.

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