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See the SpaceX rocket nose cone ship lost again

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Mr. Steven has a network to catch rocket fragments.


It goes to the old branch, as soon as you do not succeed, try again.

SpaceX attempted to capture the cosmetic rocket (a protective nose cone) Using Mr. Steven's Cap.

Mr. Steven happy It may have fat fingers, according to the video released by SpaceX. The estuary fled the ship's net.

In a twinkle, SpaceX said that "he had done the restoration of Steven's last West Coast Coast Recovery before he was sent to the East Coast."

This is not the first time the rabbits have literally lost their boat. It was the last catch game earlier in January.

SpaceX He tries to enter Sutondo's stream to re-use it. Creator Elon Musk He has been working for some time now to reuse rockets, to get them cheaper and faster. In December, SpaceX used one single booster third time The company also wants to exclude 10% of its employees.

Update, January 31, 7:11 a.m. PT: Add extra context.

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