Sunday , January 17 2021

Several Westboro station wounded in a "serious" bus stop

Several people have been injured on the OC Transpo bus in the Westboro station.

The tramway made Transitway westward at 3:50. Friday.

Ottawa police said in a tweet that the crash was "serious". Paramedics also respond.

Emergency co-operatives were called to the Westboro station in Ottawa on January 11, 2016, with the double OC Transpo bus. (@ Gabesimages / Twitter)

A picture taken from a scene shows a pre-wizard in front of the two decorative bus wound on his back. The front of the vehicle has been broken and it has taken place as a result of the bus shelter.

The front of the back seat of the vehicle goes from the black hole to the prey.

It is unknown how many passengers came from the bus, but there was a rush in the afternoon of the crash, usually busy.

Several people have been injured on the OC Transpo bus station in Westboro, police said. (@ SaveOurSenators / Twitter)

Ottawa Fire Services spokesman Danielle Cardinal said 4:10. Transitway was closed in two directions near the Westboro station.

The cardinal said that firefighters had to have a scene and avoid drivers' areas.

OC Transpo says buses have been detected.

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