Tuesday , January 18 2022

Sexual Assault Charge to appear in Kevin Spacey Court


(NANTUCKET, Mass.) – Actor Kevin Spacey appeared on Monday at Nantucket Court, responding to a complaint lodged at a young bar on the Massachusetts island of 2016.

Spacey is not guilty of being guilty of indecent assault and battery charging.

Spacey's court appearance comes in over a year since Boston's former television broadcaster Heather Unruh has accused her first Card house At the age of 18, her son was sexually assaulted, in a crowded Bar at Club Car, as a teenage boy.

Spacey's lawyer, Alan Jackson, has holes in this case and has not immediately reported the allegations.

If it is not constituted, Spacey must be in prison for five years.

The 59-year-old Oscar nominee is the main court in 2017 because of allegations of anti-sexual behavior.

A judge denied the offer of Spacey to appear on Monday at the Nantucket District Court. Spacey argued that his presence would "increase the negative advertising generated".

Unruh reported to the reporter in November 2017 that Spacey was drunk in his son and caught his genitals. He said his son ran away from the restaurant Spacey going to the bathroom.

After announcing the post last month, Spacey released a video of Frank Underwood's voice, his character in Netflix Card house, and said: "Certainly, I did not pay the price, I did not do it". It was not clear what the charge was talking about.

Spacey has also made other allegations.

Anthony Rapp told his first accuser, Spacey on Rapp's 14th and Spacey 26 on the bed. Spacey did not remember this encounter, but he apologized if the allegations were true.

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