Tuesday , January 18 2022

Sheriff: football, Rooney, charged with public intoxication


LOUDON COUNTY, Va. – Football star Wayne Rooney was detained last month at a Washington airport airport with public insurers, authorities said on Sunday.

The Loudon County Sheriff's Office in Virginia, Rooney, was imprisoned on 16 December after being arrested by the police at the Dulles International Airport in Virginia, has been dismissed and refused to acknowledge her. The Sheriff's office released a mugshot of his reservation, which appeared on Rooney, as an orange pendant.

The court documents were in charge of public harassment and poisoning by Rooney. He paid $ 25 on Friday.

Sheriff's office asked the airport authorities more questions. At the airport spokesman he asked what happened.

It was not immediately clear what detained, but Rooney appeared on the days before traveling. He posted an image in his own account, on December 14, he traveled to the plane and saudi automobile races.

Before playing this year in the United States, Rooney, 33, played Manchester United at the England Premier League. His 208 goals have led to a second victory in the League. He was the leader of the national team in England.

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