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Short patients probably die in intensive care and the researchers do not know why – BGR

If you end up at the hospital or in the intensive care unit of the clinic, there are some things that can cause the incident. How healthy you are, your age and the conditions you are suffering are clear factors, but a new study suggests that your height may be a really important task.

A new study has been published Intensive Medicine Medicine It suggests that the survival of higher patients is higher than those of lower individuals. This short-term study has a negative effect on the fact that at the end of the ICU it may be a risk factor.

Cohort studies included more than 400,000 cases in the United Kingdom, 233,308 men and 184,070 women passed an intensive hospital support unit. Once the data has been finalized after doing anything, they have cut the number of the band and warns the UCI of a shorter deadline, with a significant margin.

"The death of hospital deaths has increased, the rate of death in women has dropped from 24.1% to 17.1% and from 29.2% to 21.0% in men," explains the study. Numbers are astonishing, but why healthy heights can have a sharp effect?

"We can not say why it is safe," said Dr. Hannah Wunsh, the author of the study. "Especulative is that all the things we do are all harmful to patients that are somewhat lesser."

Wunsch also stated that the mortality rate has been a number of devices that can not be personalized for each patient. The "devices and pipes that put people" are the only elements that can limit effectiveness, and they can also affect the small ones.

Still at the start, and further verification and confirmation of the study will be necessary if ICU practices change, but if statistics are maintained, hospitals can think a bit.

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