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Should You Buy? Surface Headphones?


Microsoft acknowledges software in general, but has been focusing on hardware in recent years.

The 2-in-1 laptop's Surface Line company has been slow to succeed, and now Microsoft makes the first budget with the Headphone Headset.

But with Apple Beats' likes and many years of experience, does Microsoft hang on the crowd or is it too late?

Surface Headphones (Jamie Harris / PA)

Design and comfort

The first thing about headset headphones is that it looks beautiful, with simple, but sleek gray colors with the main skin machines, with the windows mirror logos of the logo of each window.

The cushions with dampers provide a wonderful comfort. Microsoft said the material was used by sumo wrestlers, which provided comfort and sweat resistance – it was not used for a couple of hours before it was not necessary to adjust it again, achy, bake ears, that is, a good sign, even better tested It might be in a long flight.

Surface Headphones (Jamie Harris / PA)

The top round roller has a rigid plastic surface covering to keep good feelings, even if all the steel is in the same place.

You can extend the length by 3cms around each side, with a large number of headboards and the amount of seats available on the seats in the seats.

290 grams, the headphones are very light so they will not shake your head, nor the bag.

It includes a handy travel case, that is, a pleasant touch, but it does not require most people in reality.


Surface Headphones (Jamie Harris / PA)

Using headphones in connection troubles Should you have a malfunction you do not use. Your device is easy with Bluetooth and the headset quickly detects it, so there is no problem with your phone if there is a problem. To make things easier, headphones always start with battery and name. With the device you are connected to here, you keep everything and work in that way.

Tactile-sensitive cans are your control buttons to detect and manipulate the hints you carry out for the first time. There are five touch gestures to select, play or pause, the next track with two caps, when you receive three caps and a phone call from the front, you can make two caps to answer or end a call, and a long one to cancel a call.


The main question and the main point is that everyone wants to know the sound. Deliver it?

Microsoft definitely plays a lot of volumes to play, but the best way to evaluate sounds is to try different types of songs.

Rihanna is trying to work, the bass diminishes the voice without cutting the voice and does not vibrate.

The ballad like Celine Dion's The Power Of Love keeps strong voices and painful instruments.

Surface Headphones (Jamie Harris / PA)

And above the Rock Tour, Papa Roach's Last Resort offers straightforward mastery of voice.

Generally speaking, the sound quality is good, but the market matches many other headphones.

That said, noise canceling headphones below are excellent, leaving excellent external sound outsourcing. Microsoft uses the left frame by controlling the noise cancellation level by 13 notches: it turns the dial power on / off without a real advance of 13 degrees, but it still excludes it and has enough noise.

At the front of the sound, a serious problem is that excessive movement causes the loudspeaker to distort sound, that is, when bikes are inserted into the audience, Microsoft facial headsets are launching a noise-canceling technology.


The Battery is one of the Prefabricated Prefabricated Exploits, offering only 15 hours of reproduction that prevents active noise, and Sony offers less than 20 hours of playback.

From now on, loading USB-C allows you to upload quickly and get enough juice for an hour's five-minute playtime.

Surface Headphones (Jamie Harris / PA)


The earliest attempt at Microsoft's headphones is a good start-up, but at the battery level, at least, it needs some work to reconcile its rivals, as well as to give more sound to a truly remarkable market. As we have seen in the skin tablets, Microsoft is able to learn and improve it, but it is still a matter of looking at the skin headphones, but it is not yet available.

Wise design and comfort, like these headphones nails, like noise cancellation.

After all, everything comes down to price, and at £ 329, Microsoft is looking for a new boyfriend on the mobile phone and a lot of other wireless headsets makes the price even cheaper.

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