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Sinopoli says that the Redblacks team is a different group than the earlier Stamps


Now, he has managed to get a bit of a piece of hardware, Brad Sinopoli is every Sunday, he has won a great prize.

There is no comment on Sinopoli after being nominated for the Canadian CFL Qualifier, during the night awards ceremony. Before Steam, Sinopoli and Redblacks will play the Calgary Stampeders on Sunday at Gray Cup. It will look like a fifth-year-old Gray Cup – she has won the Calgary (2014) and Ottawa (2016) championships.

"My first pair felt like a whirlwind, it was moving so fast," said Sinopli. "What we spend now, we know what we expect, we know how we manage our time. It's really fun."

Sinopoli is part of the potentially explosive explosive Redblacks, which was won in previous games in Calgary this season – losing 24-14 and 27-3. Since much has changed.

Ottawa Redblacks defends the Alouettes in Montreal against Ottawa Redblacks in Montreal against the CFL soccer field in the second half of July 6, 2018.

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"Offensively, it takes a while to find yourself, finding your founders, who you know and is really good," said Sinopoli. "We did not play for the first time, of course. At the end of the year, we could not finish the units, we could not finish at the end. The last couple of games we did very well. (Quarterback Trevor (Harris), maybe playing football The best and the boys are in their roles. "

When this year's team compared to the 2016 Gray Cup champions, Sinopy said: "We suddenly got together. We did not have the best 2016 time (8-9-1 regular season), but we've put it right at that moment, when we played a little chip on our shoulders Like it feels like this year, both groups had faith and trust. "

On the other side of the ball, on Sunday, the Stampeders team will be very good after the regular season 13-5.

"It's been a very good football team for a long time," said Sinopoli. "We're a good team, too. (Coach) Rick (Campbell) always speaks, it's a marathon, not sprint." When you're done, it's not how you started the year. Get in touch for the playoffs, In Gray Cup … and everyone can win on Sunday as we have seen in recent years, we have done so, we have put it in a good position. Now we have to play a good and good game ".

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