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SIU investigates the Mississauga prison, sending two hospital suspects


The SIU is supposed to investigate a break-in after Square One Shopping Center mississauga sends two suspects and an official to the hospital as a car crash. They are also carrying out arrests of suspects, according to the police.

Both vehicles, Porsche and a police surgeon caused serious damage. Porsche flower beds and some shrubs were crashing.

Agents keep scene on suspicious injuries.

SIU is investigating the incident with the police, someone who is sexually injured, injured or injured.

Injuries with the police & # 39; interaction & # 39; he continued

The police were called to Square One Shopping Center at City Center Drive, Huron Street and Burnhamthorpe Road West, at 3:41 a.m., Konst. Iryna Yashnyk, spokeswoman for Peel Regional Police.

Police also said bad units, he added.

Emergency vehicles on Wednesday's arrest at Square One Shopping Center in Mississauga. Peel Police said two people were arrested after "interaction" and a police perspective. (Tony Smyth / CBC)

According to Yashny, the officers are located around two suspects, a police cruiser and a vehicle colliding.

"It was a conversation, two officers and an officer were taken to a local hospital," said CBC Toronto.

The crash happened in the parking lot

Yashnyk could not confirm that the suspects were serious injuries, but the official has accused him of being injured.

The alleged injuries of these three people came from the crash. They all have it in the hospital, he added.

Suspicious age and sex have not been released. No charges have been set yet.

The crash between the Crucifixion Police and the Porsche was in Mall parking, he said. The court complaint occurred in the southwest of Majorca.

Ask the suspect for what the merchants were supposed to say, he said: "So it seems."

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