Wednesday , January 26 2022

Social networks with higher risk of depression in teenage girls – Tech News


LONDON: Young people may be twice as likely to be depressed by boys as a means of social media to depress depression, especially as a result of harassment and sleep disorders, as well as lower body image and self esteem, the researchers said on January 4.

In a study of 11,000 young people in Britain, researchers found that 14-year-old boys were heavier than the social network users. Two of them were used in more than three hours, compared to one fifth. guys

The analysis also showed signs of a 12% drop in social networking users and 38% of heavy social networks (five hundred hours a day).

When researchers underwent underlying processes that could be linked to social media and depression, 40% of girls and 25% of boys had online harassment or cyberbullying. The fall in sleep was 40% amongst girls, compared to 28% of boys. Anxiety and sleep disorders are associated with depression.

Girls were also affected in social media and when they worried about body image, self-esteem and appearance, researchers found it, but the difference between boys was lower.

Yvonne Kelly, a professor at the University of the University of London, Epidemiology and Health Center, undertook research, parents and politicians expressed their results.

"These findings are very important in the development of current policies, regarding the safe use of social media guidelines, and the industry considers it necessary for young people to properly regulate the use of social media networks," he said.

The family also "reminds us of when and where to stay in the media," and take into account the restrictions that adolescents have in their rooms for mobile devices.

The study, funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), was published in the journal online EClinicalMedicine January 4th – Reuters

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