Saturday , May 8 2021

Sony's hot feature for 2019 phones: ToF 3D

The Sony 3D camera module boosted production in Asia after having reported the interest of mobile phones. The brands like Apple and Samsung will have a Sony 3D camera module in one way or another, so it's an industry source that wants to remain anonymous. Satoshi Yoshihara, Sony's head of the sensor division, suggested that Sony's chips have potential 3D cameras with 2019 smartphone brands.

The most important uses of Sony's chips for 3D detection, such as unlocking and capturing high-speed photos by facial recognition. With Sony's sensors and a 3D camera, users measure their depths for a moment, even in the dark, to take more photos and more accurately than ever before. Sony's method of action Here is ToF-Time Flight – one of the leading names in the smartphone in 2019.

"The cameras revived their phones and, according to what they have seen, I have the same 3D expectations," said Yoshihara this week. "The rhythm will change depending on the field, but we will definitely see 3D adoption. I'm sure"

You will see a bit of information about Sony's 3D sensors technology. The above videos come from LUCID Vision Labs. They show how Operation Advanced Manipulation works with Sony's DepthSense Flight Flight technology.

SEE: Galaxy S10 5G (probably Sony IMX ToF sensor)

The flight technology time is the work distance, which is scalable with the light source that works. Depth accuracy is not as great as using a structured lighting, but the clear solution is much smaller than the structured and external calibration does not need. Flight time solutions offer the highest resolution maps for the subject matter, and costs cover stereo-pointing (the most commonly used phones today) and solar light solutions.

An example of a Sony DepthSense high-capacity sensor is the Sony IMX556PLR CMOS sensor. This technology is 8 mm in size (1/2 type) diagonally, and has a VGA resolution size (640 x 480), 10 x 10 centimeters in pixels. The maximum frame of this sensor is 60 fps resolution.

WARNING AND TRANSFER: Sony DepthSense for Sony mobile devices has published images and texts, but not in the main consumer products.

Below you will see the Car Detailing Gesture Control Sensor, via Sony DepthSense Automotive. This video shows what's going on in the car with Sony from DepthSense and will be a good news about what will be possible in the near future.

This is just the beginning. These camera sensors and 3D cameras will allow you to make a very interesting 2019 on a smartphone. Check out more about our smartphone.

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