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Source: Google Hangouts shuts down in 2020


Depending on what is known from the production remodeling industry, Google Hangouts for consumers will be closed sometime in 2020. This is not surprising, Google has basically developed the application in the development of more than a year ago. But you know, coming to 2019, this is your last year, dear (?), To continue using the Heritage Chat application.

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Last spring, Google announced that the Hangouts pivot pivot company was using cases Hangouts for chat and Hangouts Meet, so writing has long since extinguished the Hangout consumer app. Meanwhile, Google has made consumer-oriented messaging efforts to RCS & # 39; Chat & # 39; and Android Messages after Allo's disadvantages.

Withdrawing the Google application in terms of development and its alleged death, many have moved away from the transitions. Hangouts is still a great chrome chat feature in Gmail, and updates the Google Play Store logs. Recently, many reviews have said the app shows signs of age, noting errors and performance.

As mentioned, Hangouts will live as a Hangout in the G Suite conversation and Hangouts conversation. Before that, the group's communication application is similar to Slack and the second is a video meeting platform. Meanwhile, Google Voice calls, being the first independent and then integrated in Hangouts, this year's remodeling application was redone again this year.

Although interesting, despite the next occurrence, Hangouts was one of the small apps to get started with Android Auto MMS and the new RCS functionality, along with Android Messages and WhatsApp.

Update 12/1: Google's Scott Johnston has confirmed it and refuses to make decisions about the Hangout closure legacy timeline. However, the consumer Hangout users will somehow "upgrade" Hangouts on the go and Hangouts Meet, as well as company products.

Scott also explicitly confirmed that Hangouts Classic, the subject of this report, will definitely close. "

In the meantime, a second source corroborates my initial report, which has resulted in the decommissioning of Hangouts.

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Hangouta has closed for a long time, so nothing happens, retirement is more than a year, it's amazing here. Their actual use numbers are still significant, given the initiative to build a real Google messenger alternative, Allo, miserably flopped. In the meantime, Google's "Chat" RCS initiative is still on the ground.

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